Humankind Oblivious to Its Behavior

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 30, 2020

Every day, wherever we go, whatever we read, and whomever we encounter, it’s the same things over and over. Humankind behaves in certain, specific ways, and we seem to be oblivious to our behavior.

Some of the Many Examples

State leaders summon their country to go to war. Governments, corporation managers, religious leaders, parents . . . just about everyone lies, is corrupt, and/or hurts other people or the environment in many ways. People in certain situations are requested to be open and honest, and you’ll often hear or read of someone insisting that they were open and honest . . . in a particular case. People state that we need integrity for this or that. Yet we still have white-collar criminals, murderers, rapists, thieves, abusers, and this list can go on forever, to the point where it would become boring to write or to read.

The point is, we live in this world, we create and manifest more and more of this nonserving behavior every single moment, and it is indeed evident in our behavior. But it seems no one asks, “Why are we in this state?” or “How did we get here?” Are we then not in a state of hurting and abusing ourselves and others and everything else that exists on this planet, and either being oblivious to or in denial about it?

It is the purpose of this book and website to expose to humankind what it’s doing to itself and everything around it, and why.

There Are No More Places to Hide

Starting with this book and with the accompanying website, in particular, thanks to the far-reaching ability of the Internet, these dynamics will be exposed in such a way that no literate person will ever again be able to say, “I didn’t know what and why we’re doing what we’re doing to ourselves and to everything and everyone else.”

When looking at documentaries, or the writings of different religions, or to whoever we want to listen to who has a theory on humankind’s behavior, you’ll notice that these sources rarely take their information to an easy and logically understandable place: making the information easy enough for anyone to see and understand. The numerous theories that exist are elaborate, all encompassing . . . and likely based on guesswork. To the average reader, none of it makes any sense. Even to the better-than-average reader, at least some of what these sources proclaim seems illogical. Take reincarnation for example, which you’ll read more about in the sections titled, “Is This What You Are Looking For? (Spirit Guide: White Wolf )” and “Reincarnation and Karma.” And often, you’ll find that the writings of many different religions and organizations that look to cast clarity on why humankind does what it does are also . . . long, muddled, and boring.

You might be asking yourself, What makes what’s covered in this book and on the accompanying website any different?

This is easy to answer. Everything we want to know about our lives and ourselves is already inside us, just waiting to be uncovered. We don’t need to look anywhere else to find the answers. We merely need to observe our own behavior and see why we feel the way we feel and why we do whatever we do. You see, our wisdom lives inside of us. If we are brave enough to live our lives with integrity, we manifest ourselves. That automatically results in our being in harmony with ourselves, and with everyone and everything else. That is a firstchoice existence: us in our natural, not nurtured form.

We seem to live our lives according to what everyone else decides or prescribes for us. No one says to us, “Stop, observe and decide for yourselves.” No, quite the opposite, we are threatened: “If you don’t do this or that, then this or that will happen to you.”

Instead of threats and admonitions, are we guided by example by our caregivers? By our leaders? By our role models? Do we ever consider this? Why don’t we stop and consider why we’re being prescribed to—and why decisions are being made for us and we accept them without any consideration on our part.

How conducive are such threats to serving us? Not conducive at all. But we don’t stop to question any of it.

So why don’t we ask questions like these:

“Hey, why aren’t we always open and honest?”
“Why do we live without integrity?”
“Why do companies need to be made aware of the need to comply
with corporate governance?”
“Why is it so difficult to live openly and honestly or with integrity?”
“Why do we have fronts, and why do we put up fronts with
“Why do we play certain roles?”
“Why do we go to war?”
“Why do we abuse ourselves?”
“Why do we abuse one another?”
“Why do we do the things we do to our children?”

This list could go on forever—and also become boring—but these should give you a list of the many questions we don’t ask, but perhaps should.

It’s likely that few people exist who are willing to look and listen, and then take one slow-but-assertive step at a time to live beyond what we are exposed to everyday. This book and website are designed to help this brave minority accomplish exactly those things, and offers that help in a clear and simple manner. In fact, they exist only for that purpose—to bring to the attention of anyone willing to look and listen to what goes on inside them, thereby exposing a simplified view of why we do what we do.

But the question remains: Why are we oblivious of what goes on around us, and even our own behavior?

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