Harmonious Human Behavior

Are You Disappointed, Unhappy, and Even Angry
About Human Behavior In General?


Does The Behavior Of Humanity
Leave You Feeling Hopeless And Helpless
Nowhere to Turn?


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We ARE Able To Make A Difference!

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  • You have the opportunity to create a harmonious environment where we live in harmony with ourselves, everyone and everything.
  • You achieve results from day ONE. AND continue to see results week in and week out, even small results. Remember, all results count.
  •  This is a huge undertaking, and definitely NOT a quick fix. IT’S A WAY OF LIFE, and may even take a million years.

Are You Ready For This Large Undertaking?


This Human Behavior Is On The Rise!


And Exemplifies And Exposes the LACK Of Integrity…


  • Lying, deception, shamelessness and being disingenuous is popular because it gets results, though ill-gotten.
  • Abuse of oneself, another person, and of the environment.
  • Criminality and stealing, with a legal system based on getting perpetrators off on technicalities.
  • Gangsterism, extortion, drug, and human trafficking.
  • Corruption, bribery, dishonesty, fraud, inequality, poverty, social division.
  • Greed and perpetrating atrocities for ill-gotten gains, especially at the cost of humankind and the environment.
  • Rich and powerful con artists, especially those with widespread influence.
  • Governments going to war, providing disguised reasons for the war.
  • Terrorism, anti-terrorism, and counter-insurgency movements.

This list is not exhaustive, it is intended to paint the general picture.

What I Experienced From A Young Age


People Look At Addressing Symptoms…


For Whatever Reason, My Stance Was Instinctively

To Attend To The Root Cause Of Problems


For That Reason, I Pondered The Root Cause Of Human Behavior


Treating The Symptom Never Eradicates The Root Cause


  • Addressing the root cause: Do we realize how much of what we do in our day-to-day lives is about treating symptoms (incidents and events) rather than causes?
  • Addressing the root cause: Peace Evolution is rallying people who see that treating the symptom gets us nowhere, and are willing to address the root cause. Keeping in mind, not at the cost of the majority of people who treat symptoms. NB. Treating symptoms is a necessary activity.
  • Addressing the root cause: The only way to stop recurring incidents is by addressing the cause.
  • Addressing the root cause: As we switch to liking what we do – based on our meaning, based on our values – the wrongdoers would have less and less influence until the scales start tipping and survival of the fittest and natural selection becomes more and more inclusive of everyone and everything, disrupted from being at the cost of everyone and everything.


Here is an example where treating symptoms and addressing the root cause coexist.

Let’s say there is a war in progress, and you are a healthcare provider attending to the injured. No matter what your intentions or healthcare credentials are, by treating the injured, you are merely treating the symptoms.

You might say, “The cause of the problem isn’t that I have patients to attend to, it’s the war itself.”

That isn’t so, either, the war in itself is a symptom.

Why not look further and see why there is a war?

Both warring parties are sure to have good reasons for the war.

All the reasons are just more symptoms.

Looking further, why is it that people/countries go to war? Why is it that people are in a position to create a war? Why do individuals choose to participate in war?

Footnote 1. The medical practitioners who treat the injured (treating symptoms) are indeed required. Where symptoms are being treated, we need to simultaneously address the root cause. The time for this has come. The time for vibrant harmonious human behavior is here.

Human behavior according to Wikipedia: Human behavior is the potential and expressed capacity (mentally, physically, and socially) of human individuals or groups to respond to internal and external stimuli throughout their life.

Footnote 2: Without delay, we need, internal stimuli, the basis for creating vibrant harmonious human behavior.

Rallying 70 Million People


Having lived most of my adult life instinctively addressing root causes, combined with deep and extensive introspection, I uncovered the root cause of the disharmonious human behavior.
I observed most people only treat symptoms, and are not aware or are disinterested in addressing the root cause.

Part of this rallying is to share this message with everyone.


 The Peace Evolution project requires many talented people with various skills.

If you resonate with Peace Evolution’s mission…


Natural Selection And Survival Of The Fittest requires peaceful disrupting so it becomes inclusive of everyone and everything,
disrupting the current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything, a shift in human behavior


…you are invited to be part of the project. We require, in no particular order, Bloggers, Videographers, Social Media marketers, SEO and SEM specialists, copywriters, editors, reviewers, content officers, operations officers, journalists… to mention only the obvious role players. Initially, this participation would be on a volunteer basis.


In Most Cases
Participants Of The Peace Evolution Project
Would Contribute From The Comfort Of Their Homes



 You may only want to be an observer or critique or provide testimonials on the Unlock Your courses mentioned below and offered by Peace Evolution, as they are rolled out. Scour and comment on our content. We have lots of opportunities for participating and contributing. Peace Evolution’s mission encompasses everyone and everything.


To climb on board with this adventure, where we address the root cause, and leave attending of symptoms to others, oh…, and there are many such people, institutions and organizations, including the police, military, United Nations, environmental groups, rehabilitation centers – this is scratching the surface, you have these options;

  • Subscribe below and indicate your intention to be part of creating harmonious human behavior. We undertake to keep you informed of our activities and progress.
  • And Contact Me Now! to clarify any doubts and concerns, sharing what your talents, temperament, and strengths are. Sharing what you like doing and how you want to participate.


Human Behavior


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