About Us


  1. Creating successful relationships:
    • With living our life based on our meaning
    • With liking how we make money
    • With everyone, including our spouse or partner
    • With our health
    • With our weight
    • With our environment
  2. Addressing the root cause of why our relationships are unsuccessful
  3. Attracting people who are disappointed, frustrated and angry with the behavior of humankind



Peace Evolution is the catalyst for disrupting Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest



I’m of the opinion that at some point during our lives we felt like, have wished for, yearned for, or had daydreams
about our life experiences being different.
Emmanuel van der Meulen


Catalyst for Disrupting

The Peace Evolution Focus as the catalyst for disrupting the status quo works like this:

  • Everyone has parts of their life that don’t work. This is a human asset waiting to be unlocked.
  • For example: When anyone is desperately unhappy in their relationships. By addressing the root cause, they would unlock what their life is about, which unlocks their meaning.
  • Once we have unlocked our meaning and switched to living our meaning, our lives are automatically inclusive of everyone and everything. This automatically changes our attitude where we become givers instead of takers
  • Consequently we switch to liking what we do in all aspects of our lives, and automatically disrupt Natural Selection And Survival Of The Fittest and it becomes inclusive of everyone and everything. Rather than the current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything.
  • Hereby maturing the human psyche.


70 Million People

Based on the touted ratio that 1 in 100 people are entrepreneurs. And if there are 7 billion humans on planet earth, then 1% is 70 million people. Peace Evolution is attracting 70 million people who are ready to make a difference.

People who struggle with their lives or is unsatisfied with the behavior of humankind is a dormant human asset.

Peace Evolution’s activities focus on unlocking this human asset.

As this human asset is unlocked the recipe is automatically and caringly conveyed to the last 100 people each.

Maturing the psyche of the human species.