About Us

About Us Focus

  1. Creating successful relationships:
    • With living our life based on our meaning
    • With liking how we make money
    • With everyone, including our spouse or partner
    • With our health
    • With our weight
    • With our environment
  2. Addressing the root cause of why our relationships are unsuccessful
    In an attempt to live meaningfully, in, Why a Meaningful Life Will Help You Live Longer, the author says: They’re forced to chase the “good life,” and in the process, they have to sacrifice what makes them come alive. They feel empty because they’ve lost connection with themselves. Others feel like hamsters on the treadmill of life, running faster and faster and still getting nowhere.
  3. Attracting people who are disappointed, frustrated, and even angry with the behavior of humankind



Peace Evolution is the catalyst for disrupting Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest



I’m of the opinion that at some point during our lives we felt like, have wished for, yearned for,
or had daydreams about our life experiences being different.
Emmanuel van der Meulen


Catalyst for Disrupting

The Peace Evolution About Us Focus as the catalyst for disrupting the status quo works like this:

  • Everyone has parts of their life that don’t work. This is a human asset waiting to be unlocked.
  • For example: When anyone is desperately unhappy in their relationships. By addressing the root cause, they would unlock what their life is about, which unlocks their meaning.
  • Once we have unlocked our meaning and switched to living our meaning, our lives are automatically inclusive of everyone and everything. This automatically changes our attitude where we become givers instead of takers
  • Consequently, we switch to liking what we do in all aspects of our lives, and automatically disrupt Natural Selection And Survival Of The Fittest and it becomes inclusive of everyone and everything. Rather than the current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything.
  • Hereby maturing the human psyche.


About Us and the 70 Million People

Based on the touted ratio that 1 in 100 people are entrepreneurs. And if there are 7 billion humans on planet earth, then 1% is 70 million people. Peace Evolution is attracting 70 million people who are ready to make a difference.

People who struggle with their lives or is unsatisfied with the behavior of humankind is a dormant human asset.

Peace Evolution’s about us activities focus on unlocking this human asset.

As this human asset is unlocked the recipe is automatically and caringly conveyed to the last 100 people each.

Maturing the psyche of the human species.

About Us and Vision Life



“Establishing A Culture To Develop Our Collective Human Spirit,
Incorporating The Earth Plane And Spirit World”

Our offerings provide you with life tools so you never again have the feeling that something is missing in your life or how you make money. colourful apple icon | about us | Peace Evolution

The site provides material to assist you in finding the underlying cause for feeling this way.

The material is presented with the express purpose to guide you on your life’s journey, thus finding the beginning of the journey of living a meaningful life, from which you make money.

Importantly, presenting you with guidance to unlock your income, and making money, not for the sake of making money. Rather that you earn from doing what you value most!

When you journey this way, you have no reason to ever look back!

“Not so, you do look back from time to time – for different reasons though – you look back in recognition of how your life has shifted.”

This site covers in-depth why we have feelings of something being missing, of feeling inadequate and of feeling unworthy.

We go to the root cause of these feelings and how they are born and perpetuated.

The site, and the facts about us, covers in-depth how we get beyond our feelings of something being missing, of feeling inadequate and of feeling unworthy.

About Us: Unlock Your Life and Income Resource colourful apple icon | about us | Peace Evolution

We have two related offerings about our life and how we make money, that we reflect in the scenarios sketched below:

They are:

Unlock Your Life University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your inner world.
Unlock your Income University: Guidance for understanding your relationship with your income.

When we’re willing to explore living our optimal life, an exploration journey commences, that has no boundaries and ultimately leads to living as a free spirit, where the possible consequences of our actions stop haunting us.

The journey usually commences when we realize the life we’ve created for ourselves does not serve us anymore.

We might have a life where we’re generally unhappy with our state of affairs.

We might even have fallen into serious hardship with the life we’ve created.

We might even have an above average life, yet any of the aforementioned still applies.

The essence is this:

Our life journey entails liking what we do, moment for moment.

How do you answer this about your life: Are your Eyes Barely Alive?

We might be trapped in our lives and have no idea what is happening to us.

We might want to make adjustments, but we do not know which adjustments to make.

Then there is the possibility that we do see that our lives don’t serve us, and want to make adjustments, yet we cannot see our way forward financially.

We could be working conventionally and need that income to live from.

If we left our conventional job, we could not sustain ourselves.

And if we continued working conventionally, we’d hardly have time to attend to liking what we do.

Certainly a catch 22:

There is also the possibility that we see clearly what our life is about, though living or wanting to live that requires resources that we do not have, even if we have sufficient funds.

We might be sitting with another concern. We create something that we’d want to sell. And we do not have the know-how or funding or marketing ability to reach the audience we’d want to.

To cater to the above, see Set The Tone For Your Life and Make Money From Liking What We Do.

About Us Healthy and Successful Relationships


When our relationship with anything, say our car or residence or job is successful we know either of two things, everything is working as we would want it to be. Therefore it is successful because it is working. Therefore we’re okay because such a relationship is okay.

Then at another time, the relationship does not work for whatever reason, and consequently, we say that this relationship is not successful. The reason It is not working might be anything.

Let’s say for this discussion, it is that we want time off at work which does not suit our manager – and this causes us to consider that the relationship we have at work with our manager is unsuccessful. And to take this a step further, let’s say this is a recurring pattern.

What we need to do is calmly look at what the cause is of the discourse caused by us wanting time off. Especially considering that this is recurring.

To cater to healthy relationships, see Create Successful Relationships.

About Us Living Healthy


I ate most foods and consumed alcohol, and smoked cigarettes and cigars. I knew I didn’t like this lifestyle. I constantly took something for heartburn, and indigestion and lay awake many nights feeling the after-effects of the combination of bad eating, drinking, and smoking.

To cater to living healthy, see Sustain Your Health and Weight.

About Us Eco Lifestyle


SOME SAY: “As far as I’m concerned, recycling, repurposing, reusing is for other people. Please don’t complicate my life with such talk. Life is difficult enough!


There is a bigger purpose at play. When looking holistically at living an eco lifestyle, many things come into play. For various reasons, such as not wanting to waste, being frugal, wanting to be less dependent on the rising prices of electricity and water, wanting to cut out as many dependencies as is practical, and wanting to reduce home maintenance cycles and home maintenance costs. The aforementioned are the main reasons, though not exhaustive, which spark living a green and eco lifestyle.

To cater to eco lifestyle, see Four Benefits Of Living Green.