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By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: December 2, 2020

Maturity Definition Primer


tree of life gold filigree wreath | maturity definition | Peace EvolutionWhen I say, why should I do anything different, everyone else does this, what am I really saying?

For one, I mean, I follow the masses and have abdicated my responsibility for my life to the masses.

That I do not see myself accountable to myself for my actions.

Ask yourself this:

Whatever I do with my life – does it start with me?

Who is responsible for my life?

Who is accountable for my life?


Responsibility and Accountability


Maturity definition question: To whom am I responsible and accountable for my life?

Might it be that I’m accountable and responsible to myself for my life?

Observing maturity definition, let’s focus on responsibility.

Let me add, if I’m religious, I might say, no this cannot be! I’m responsible to my God, or His Son, or some other deity.

Look closely.

If this is your reasoning, then ask yourself this maturity definition question:

Is this one more way that I abdicate my responsibility and accountability?

Am I being a mature and self-confident person, when I believe this?

In Signs of Healthy and Low Self-Esteem, the article asserts: In psychology, the term self-esteem is used to describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. It involves a variety of beliefs about yourself, such as the appraisal of your own appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors.

Maturity definition question: Is this a sign of self-respect?

Or is this the same as saying, oh, everyone does this, abdicating their life to someone or something else?

Ask yourself this:

Why do I abdicate my responsibility and accountability?

Is it because my self-worth is low?
Is it because my self-confidence is low?
Is it because my self-esteem is low?
Is it because I lack maturity?

My childlike innocence stops me from seeing things as they are.

That I’m responsible and accountable to myself for my life.

Let’s consider this for a moment.


Nature Is Ingenious


Think about nature – consider how ingenious nature is.

Maturity definition includes nature’s invitation: Nature invites us to bring life when the conception of a human being occurs.

It is up to us to accept the opportunity and invitation to take up the life of this newly conceived being.

No one forces us, it is our own free choice.

In this exact same way, because I accepted the invitation, I’m responsible and accountable for taking up the life of this being. In every case, this is what happens as each human being is conceived.

This scenario removes any doubts and brings certainty to where you and I fit into the picture of our lives.

And, it brings forth another reality: This is a huge responsibility I took on when accepting the invitation from nature to take up life to my being.

Maturity definition as seen from nature’s stance and our free choice invitation:

This is how nature works, and let’s take it to another extreme, what is my life about?

Is my life important to me? Is this invitation I received from nature and which I chose to accept, important to me?

And, if so, what is it that I want to achieve with my life?

It is my free choice what I make of my life.

The free choice of what I want to achieve with my life is an unsaid and unwritten reality of nature and of my life.

Of course, I do not need to accept this invitation. I do not need to acknowledge that I accepted this invitation. I have the right to reject this notion.

Alternatively, stand in awe and see the beauty of nature. And acknowledge the free choice it bestows on us.


You Are Free To Choose, Do You Though?


Again, the beautiful reality of nature is it leaves it up to the person to make this choice.

Maturity definition is that nature does not force anything on anyone.

No one is forced, no one is blamed, no one is penalized when the invitation is not accepted.

Now, having accepted nature’s invitation to take up the life of the being that is you and me, there is one reality that cannot be avoided, we continuously feel something is missing.

The something that feels missing comes from us not living our lives freely. Instead, we live our lives from a stance that we feel a void and we want to fill that void externally. This is treating the symptom and not addressing the root cause.

In a twist of nature, we feel that void, when we’re not being ourselves.

We then go hunting externally to fill the void.

Maturity definition observing how we fill the void:

When we live our lives meaningfully, we do not abdicate our accountability and responsibility by searching externally for meaning by acquiring things.

Instead, we are true to ourselves, we are accountable and responsible for having accepted the invitation of taking up our life.



Maturity Definition Live Meaningfully


The intention with Peace Evolution: MATURITY is to bring to humankind the dynamic of what is crucially missing in our lives.

And to expose that wanting to fill the void we are willing to go to any length.

Maturity definition question: How would we stop the cycle of wanting to fill the feeling that something is missing?

From when we start developing a sense of ourselves, we experience the feeling that something is missing.

When we go in search of what is missing we look externally. It doesn’t exist externally.

Maturity definition question: Then why does the feeling that something is missing persist?

Because we are looking in the wrong place.

We have cultivated the expectation that we are able to fill the void externally, which is based on one small aspect with far-reaching implications.

This is directly related to our maturity, which is directly related to our confidence.

When we aren’t confident within ourselves we look for external means to give us self-confidence and self-esteem.

Again, wanting to fill the void of feeling that something is missing.

For instance, we are convinced that by having money, a certain partner, car, house, job, clothes, and so forth, the feeling that something is missing goes away, it never does.

Years, even decades might pass before that something is missing feeling is guaranteed to return.

Even filling that something is missing feeling with things like religion, greed, drugs, alcohol, mind-altering substances, gangs, criminal activity, lack of integrity, sociopathic lying, looting, and anything under the sun does not help.

In spite of these activities, we are without peace. In fact, these are all acts of desperation.

Fact is! If you stop for a second and look at your life, at your behavior, and ask: Am I at peace? If the answer is no, the probability is high that you are looking externally.

Maturity definition question: Am I doing the things I’m doing with peace in my heart?

If the answer is no!

It simply means, we’re not at peace and looking for things externally in an attempt to fill a hole based on a feeling that something is missing.



Maturity Definition Dilemma


What a dilemma!

Consider this, are we mature?

Mature enough to see that what we’re doing is a self-fulfilling prophecy and we never attain what we’re looking for. It is just not possible in the way that we approach solving it.

Maturity starts here: Become aware of our behavior.

Have the courage to see the flaw in our reasoning that is causing our behavior.



Maturity Definition Shift


Self-confidence Meaning is Being Mature and At Peace covers living a life of meaning. 

Maturity definition is this:

  • We see we’re fine.
  • We see we do not need anything external to ourselves to be ourselves. 
  • We notice the feeling that something is missing has dissipated.
  • We recognize that we are at peace.
  • We recognize that instead of living to fill the gap, we live purposefully, we live a life of meaning.
  • We’ve become givers instead of takers.
  • We recognize that we bring ourselves to what we do.
  • We see we have stopped doing things to complete ourselves.

How do we start this journey?

First step:

Stop. Look!

Acknowledge we’re looking for something to complete ourselves.

Acknowledge this isn’t possible because nothing is missing that is obtainable externally.

Second step:

What caused this feeling of something is missing?

In Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION, I elaborate on my introspection journey.

Third Step:

Live a life of meaning and purpose.

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