Vision Income

Make Money From Liking What We Do


Let’s first clarify: When we’re working for money, and for what it buys us, as compared to that we make money from liking what we do, which of these options would we choose?

Is this a no brainer? I choose the latter.


Vision Income – Relates to That We Make Money From Liking What We Do


How does make money from liking what we do relate to Vision Income?

Once we uncover our meaning, values, and liking what we do, which relates to our talents, our temperament, and our skills, we would craft a vision of how we want to make money. Thus, finding this from our daydreaming, from our heart, from our instinct, from our specialty, talents, temperament. Why not start our business from liking what we do?

Our vision thus translates from liking what we do. And in turn, relates to how we make money from liking what we do.

The three concepts thus work hand in hand.

  • Our meaning and values.
  • The vision we craft for liking what we do.
  • How we make money from liking what we do.

To Make Money From Liking What We Do – We Need To Know What We Like Doing

As seen in Walk With Me!

Today, we explore why I want to walk with you and possibly without knowing it consciously and explicitly, why you might want to walk with me.

You might be thirsty, and I might have water to quench your thirst. I might be able to provide water to you. We are not obligated to one another, merely companions on a journey.

You might ask what the thirst is about. Well metaphorically, I’m referring to the thirst of your life: what you might be thirsty for in your life. Perhaps you have lived to the age where you feel your life is not what you would like it to be, and have become thirsty for something meaningful.

You might be wondering what that “something meaningful” might be. Walk with me for the opportunity to see what you thirst for.

The journey we walk together is slow. There is a reason for this. While we go from here to the next point of the journey, our slowness allows me to get to know you and you to know me. As we learn about each other, we also learn to trust each other. Soon, if our walk goes well, you might realize that you are on a journey you always wanted to take.

Here are some things you should know about your journey and mine. For one, our travels take us into places you have never been to before. If you had visited these places before, we most likely would not be on this journey now.

Also, remember that some of the journey might seem familiar to you. You might even say or think, Déjà vu, as you earthlings say, because you’re sure you’ve been somewhere or done something just like this before. Don’t let that distract you. There is much more to the journey than that.

On our travels, we walk and talk. We also walk and play. Our journey is not, and should not, be only about serious things. Actually, the journey is as light or as heavy as you make it.

The journey happens at your pace, not anyone else’s. No one would hurry you. You might want to hurry. There is no need for that. Stay calm and enjoy the journey to your fountain.

Some pointers.

    • When you doubt, it is most likely the result of a belief that is not real and was created by you or by someone else.
    • You would find whatever you need to quench your life’s thirst within yourself.
    • You are on this journey with me because you have gotten to a place in your life where you are certain you don’t want to be.
    • Right now, you are likely at a breaking or life-altering point, a crossroad where you have developed a life’s thirst while living a life that is not your first choice.
    • Is this, then, the reason you have become thirsty: because you want to start living your first-choice life?

What I write above is the difference between making money for the sake of having money, as compared with making money from liking what you do. Extract from Walk With Me! (Spirit Guide: White Wolf).


Uncovering Liking What We Do – To Make Money From Liking What We Do


I talk of realizing that you’re likely at a point you don’t want to be in your life. This is not about a physical place. Rather, I’m referring to a place with your life where daily, perhaps even moment by moment, your experiences aren’t what you’d like them to be. These unwanted experiences might be about your life in general, or something specific, like your relationships, job, or family life. For more see Uncovering Yourself.


 In How To Live A Purposeful Life From Where You Are Now, the author makes interesting and informative points:

  • You needn’t have all the information, nor the financial resources, or the perfect conditions to create a purposeful life. What is required is a commitment to take small strides forward, knowing the path will reveal itself as long as you uphold a purposeful intent.
  • I know, I know, you may not see yourself as I see you. That’s because I see you as a soul, not a person reading the lines on the screen. I see your potential, beyond the thoughts you hold about yourself. If you gazed through the same eyes, you too would get a glimpse of the infinite possibilities available to you.



Living purposefully and not for the sake of making money and what it affords you is how we approach our lives. Consequently, we feel something is missing.

We’re able to turn this around, where we uncover ourselves, realize what we like doing, craft our vision, and lastly make money from liking what we do.

In my book, Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION I share my journey and what I encountered along the way. Read it as often as you like, it is 100% free, and if you prefer, buy your own copy via Amazon. It elaborates how we’re able to traverse to make money from liking what we do.



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