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Sustain Your Health and Weight

You are able to sustain your health and weight, by introducing four concepts at your own pace.

There would be minimal costs if any. The costs of implementing these concepts would pay for itself, from saving you gain by making the switch.

In Healthy Living, the author asks: We’ve heard over and over again that a well-balanced diet and good exercise program are the building blocks of good health. So why don’t more people strive to achieve both?

Healthy Eating

This is achieved by eating natural foods and drinks. They are nutritious and digest easily.

Gradually switching to zero added sugar is done in these steps, at your pace.

  • Become aware of how added sugar is used in all foods and drinks. Even when making a perfectly healthy salad, we use a sugar-laden salad dressing.
  • When reading food labels you would be surprised at how difficult it is to obtain food without added sugar. Added sugar is disguised by various names. Instead, use natural and healthy sugar substitutes.

Healthy Fasting

Though fasting has been practiced for centuries, it is becoming well-known as a way of life and specifically in the context to reduce weight quickly.


Healthy Exercise

Modest exercising on a regular basis does three things.

  • Exercise your body for muscle and cardiovascular strength.
  • Exercising burns excess fat.
  • A little known other benefit of exercising is that it induces autophagy.

Induce Autophagy

Autophagy is the body’s natural cleanser and healer.

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