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Published: October 28, 2020

SEO WordPress Service


Here is an introduction to our achievements on which we base our SEO WordPress Service offerings. Our small team, assembled since becoming involved with WordPress collectively has many years of experience in information and digital technology development. Where required and under our supervision we make use of SME (subject matter expert) freelancers.

This capability was extended in recent years to developing our own web presence. After trial and error, research and development we settled on using WordPress.

SEO WordPress Service and Websites

WordPress is our platform and technology of choice for a number of reasons:

  • The core WordPress offering is a solid, healthy, and an extensible foundation.
  • Over its existence of many years WordPress provides a thriving community and ecosystem that extends the core WordPress offering.
  • With the many Plugins to choose from, best of breed plugins have evolved and matured.
  • We have become adept at seeking out these plugins, the ones that provide the required features, though it does not jeopardize performance.

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Customizing and Lock In


Our point of departure is that we do not customize beyond WordPress Service and Plugin configuration.

Consequently we do not lock any of our clients in, we retain our clients through being satisfied with our work.


WordPress Hosting


Initially, we settled on WordPress service and hosting providers, purely based on price. We refined this approach for stability and ease of use, and have settled on a WordPress service and specialized hosting provider.

For instance it does not help if the provider has a 24-hour call center with good support staff, and due to instability they need to be contacted continuously.

For this reason we settled on GetFlywheel, a hosting provider who we almost never need to contact, because of robustness and stability.

Yes, they are slightly more expensive, though well worth it. What we further like about them is that when we do require their assistance, they attend to us well and in a reasonable time.

Your Business is International


When your online business provides international service, using a reliable CDN (Content Delivery Network) like Cloudflare is required.

With such a CDN service provider, visitors to your web business do not need to come all the way from, say India or Europe, to America where your site is hosted.

It is served directly from India, thus providing a smooth and prompt user experience.

We include the setup and configuration of such a CDN service provider as a WordPress Service partner.

For further details on our offering, see our Vision Income Specialty Services.

Included Across Our WordPress Service

Lock-In and Escrow

We do not believe in locking in our clients. We do not want clients to feel that they need to endure us, we prefer that our working relationship is easily embraced! We do not lock our clients into contracts. We instead retain our clients through them being satisfied with our work.

Payments are secured for our clients and ourselves, via a renowned Escrow Provider: What Is Escrow? Payments are only released when our clients are satisfied with the work. And requires that both parties are reasonable. Moreover, as mentioned, there are no contracts, the work is done and paid for, as pre-arranged within the Escrow governance.


Mobile is growing in popularity on our own sites we’re observing an increase in mobile activity. Over 60% and even 70% of our visitors are from mobile. If your website doesn’t cater to mobile you’re not unlocking your asset potential. This should not be an afterthought. Your website theme like Elegant Themes should be such that it caters to being mobile responsive. We ensure from the outset that our websites are mobile-friendly and mobile responsive.

SEO and SEM Copywriting


pen with shadow 300x293 1 | wordpress service | Peace EvolutionThrough our own businesses, we realized that content plays a significant role to elicit organic traffic. Every understanding we had was way off the mark.

Our understanding was that merely having content, and the more we had, the more traffic it would draw to our online business, was a perception and not reality.

All content competes with high volumes on the high end say with 10 million or on the higher end, as much as a billion. This relates to the content on offer from other businesses.

This means that certain characteristics are required to unlock content asset potential.

Even when content is well written and engaging, it does not necessarily mean it would appear towards the top on SERPs (search engine result pages.)

More is needed!

Enter SEO and SEM. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing.

As business owners ourselves, we realized this reality and through trial and error and research we were able to unlock our content assets.

Some were unlocked easier than other content, and we see this in our organic traffic numbers.

Yes, and we had some luck too.

When standing at a distance, the idea is that each time we publish content that the new content contributes so our average position percolates towards the top of the SERP, week on week, month on month.

Once we were able to do this, our organic traffic numbers started growing – and our average position on SERPs rose, and in this way, we started drawing traffic, both linearly and exponentially.

What this means to business owners is when we invest where content assets are unlocked to its potential or close to it is that our content ROI (return on investment) is healthy and outweighs the initial cost.

 For further details on our offering, see our Vision Income Specialty Services.

LearnDash Service Provider


silhouette of people shaking hands 300x189 1 | wordpress service | Peace EvolutionLearnDash is a best of breed LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress service and product.

LearnDash has become the first choice for managing and orchestrating online training courses, and according to their website, used by “major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.”

We use it ourselves and found it super flexible to create online training courses, insert quizzes to evaluate the student’s progress, awarding certificates, downloading reports, and much more!

For our university courses we settled on using LearnDash for its exceptional functionality and features.

After investing the requisite time to understand the inner workings of LearnDash we designed and implemented our courses, lessons, and quizzes.

LearnDash Setup And Configuration

LearnDash is flexible, dynamic, and requires a steep learning curve to understand it in a way to make full use of its capabilities for course design and configuration.

As with most things, anyone is able to take on the learning curve to setup and configure their LearnDash course offering.

We’re able to do this for you.

Let us collect the details from you as we guide you through the steps and decisions required to design, setup, and configure your online course. While we do the heavy lifting of setting up and configuring your online course on your behalf, you spend your valuable time on your core business decisions and processes.

It stands to reason that our experience with this cuts down the time of implementing so you’re able  to timeously launch your course.

For further details on our offering, see our Vision Income Specialty Services.

LearnDash Course SEO Copywriting

When writing course lessons, the trainer or copywriter has at least two approaches. The first is to write the course lessons to convey the remote training material.

The second approach is to bring to the course lessons a further dimension namely SEO and SEM. Again, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing.

When taking the course lessons to this dimension they become part of the function to draw organic traffic to the website.

It works like this, when people search the Internet for what you offer in your remote learning course, your lesson appears right there in the search result.

When the potential candidate of your course clicks that link, the person is directed to the signup page of your course. On this page the candidate sees the lesson title they were searching for. The lesson is available only after signing up for the course.

The lesson in itself becomes its own marketing asset – an opportunity to be favorably considered.

For further details on our offering, see our Vision Income Specialty Services.



When taking the more expensive option to work with an SEO WordPress Service partner, from our experience, we ensure that the web features being developed are to your satisfaction and that payments are safeguarded!

When you are uncertain about a requirement, we provide the option to soundboard ideas! This undertaking includes your SEO WordPress Website development, SEO and SEM Copywriting, and as LearnDash Service Provider, your remote training, taking each course from design to implementation.

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