Is This What You Are Looking For? (Spirit Guide: White Wolf)

Written by: Emmanuel

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Published: July 29, 2020



womans eye with caption | what you are looking for | Peace EvolutionIs This What You Are Looking For? (Spirit Guide: White Wolf)

—The White Wolf Call, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

In this day and age, we are all looking for something. We feel we’ll get it from various things outside of ourselves, like shiny cars or big and grand houses. But my question to you is, do those items have a sustained value, or do they eventually, once you are over the initial excitement, move to the background, having served the initial purpose and become boring?

If this is indeed the case, are we maybe looking in the wrong place for the “something” we are looking for? In the accompanying website, Emmanuel shares many of his experiences related to the point of the “something” we are looking for.

If external things do not give this something to us and we consider looking elsewhere, then where might we look? It is already considered clichéd to look inside; and when we do look inside, what is it we’re looking for? How do we know what to look for? I suspect that we all know, once we find it, that this is what we’ve indeed been looking for.

But if we only know what we are looking for once we find it, do we look everywhere? When do we know we’ve looked enough, or how far it is still to go? Do we at any time in this journey know where we are on the total road to looking for this something?

When you look at what reincarnation teaches, and the karma that you get involved with during different lives, then it becomes even a greater mystery to get to the point of where you’ll find what you’re looking for—hell, for even lifetimes’ worth of looking.

Might there be another route to getting where you’re headed? Let’s take a boat on the sea. No destination planned, but it has goods to deliver. It merely floats from one place to another, this day going east, that day going west . . . this month, let’s go in circles, and so forth. Without a plan, this boat or ship is just not going to get there. Oh, the chances are that it might, maybe in several lifetimes. It might just incidentally stumble onto its destination to deliver its goods. And just maybe those goods are not needed anymore, or they might be stale or outdated.

Could there be a plan? Emmanuel is an explorer, and he found a plan. He’ll share this plan with anyone who is interested. But as you’ll see from his experiences, without brute honesty and heaps and heaps of courage, it cannot happen.

So to start your journey off, let me introduce you to what Emmanuel is planning with the accompanying website. Through his own life’s experiences, with credit to other people he stumbled upon and searched out on your Earth plane, he has unraveled and uncovered what he refers to as spikes in his experiences—where what your soul is craving for shows you, in the form of daydreams and desires, like a movie script, what you’d rather be experiencing.

But let me add immediately that these spikes are interpreted by your frame of reference that exists at the time when the spikes take place.

In one piece, “Daydreams: Misinterpretation and Undercurrent,” Emmanuel shares how he misunderstood such a spike, and for twenty years pursued what he thought the spike was about, when his interpretation was actually based on his frame of reference of the time.

Of course, elsewhere, Emmanuel and I will share with you how our frame of reference is possibly not serving us if we are seeing it, as created, as external to our souls. So once you get a glimpse of how you used to live your life, and how it is so very far divorced from what your soul is interested in, you might stand a chance to direct your ship to your destiny without going all over the place, supposedly even through many lifetimes, to get to your destination. There is also a piece on “Reincarnation and Karma,” where you can see for yourself whether you want to or should subscribe to that theory.

In the meantime, while on this journey with Emmanuel and myself, and almost certainly some other souls who are likely to join us here, I wish you a fun journey. Be warned, however, that for the greater part in the beginning of this journey, there will be very little fun. But go in peace and know that, as you earthlings say, it will get worse before it gets better. As you learn to trust yourself and build confidence and see that you are your captain and your ship is your ship, the journey lightens, and the fun begins: albeit slowly at first.

Bon voyage!

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Figure 1: Are you the captain of your ship yet?

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