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Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

womans eye with caption | Peace Evolution​Interested souls that arrive at the accompanying website, Peace Evolution (formerly Life Can Be Different), who want to pursue what is offered have three options.

Visitor Option

 With the visitor option, certain information, including newsletters, is available free of charge to the visitor, subject to and in accordance with the site’s terms and conditions. The information is self-contained, so can be used to uncover your meaning and then to live that meaning. All that is required is a command of the English language, willingness to become familiar with each author’s individual writing style, and great courage: enough to be brutally honest with yourself. If the visitor is brutally honest, then their role within this option can be seen as that of the DIY (“do it yourself ”) person who can help themselves from material that is totally free of any charge.

Member Option

 The member option includes the visitor section plus access to further information, including different newsletters, that elaborates on both the visitor section’s topics and new topics. The member section will expand over time and further expose how much we have created that serves no purpose other than to hold us back and stifle the harmony that might otherwise have existed, within ourselves and amongst humankind (souls that are alive) and in the spirit world (souls not in physical form).

Members may join by paying a subscription fee, and there are several options to suit each member’s subscription and payment preferences. Membership is subject to and in accordance with the site’s prevailing terms and conditions.

Assisted Member Option

 The assisted member option is available to visitors and existing members. A visitor or member becomes an assisted member by obtaining a “support subscription” for a period the visitor or member themselves determine.

The assisted member option is in addition to the visitor and member options (where applicable) and provides further information, including different newsletters. In addition, with this option, individual personal support is available, with the website’s one-on-one forum the preferred method of communication for its recordkeeping and time-flexibility capabilities. The assisted member section will be extended over time to provide topics to support assisted members with uncovering their Factor-x and uncovering their own meaning.

The assisted membership is subject to and in accordance with the prevailing terms and conditions. Flexible payment options allow the visitor or member to easily determine and extend the period of assistance.

The assisted member option subscription is independent of the member subscription period. The assisted member subscription can run simultaneously with and in addition to any member subscription where applicable.

The assisted member option is personal and individual one-on-one support, and is therefore available to a limited number of people at any particular time. A booking facility exists whereby requests can be made on a first-come, first-served basis to subscribe to assisted membership.


 Subscriptions do not have to be renewed and can even be cancelled. The remainder of the subscription fee is terminated immediately upon cancellation. Where a subscription was paid in advance, the remainder pro-rated portion will be credited with immediate effect. However, the member should allow up to fourteen days for the cancellation procedure to be concluded.

Should a visitor or member require a further option or options but cannot afford the subscription, they can apply for free assistance by making contact with the author via the accompanying website Peace Evolution (formerly Life Can Be Different). All applications for free assistance will get urgent and sincere attention and be answered within a reasonable time.

Books and eBooks

 From time to time, certain material will be extracted from the website, made available in book and eBook formats, and sold on the website as well as in other popular Internet and/or brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Additional Website Authors

Over time, I’ll invite Sergio Salotto to share his guidance on the accompanying website, and then you can meet him and/or his work. White Wolf has asked me whether he can also provide information on the website, so you’ll definitely see his work and be exposed to his guidance. Other spirit guides in White Wolf & Co. have asked if they can also provide information on the website, so you’ll also get to meet them and get exposure to their guidance.


 All material contained in this book is also available at no charge on the accompanying website, Peace Evolution (formerly Life Can Be Different). No future editions of the book are planned at this time. Pending any possible future editions of the book, additions and alterations will be made on the website. Such updates can be easily identified by the date reflecting such changed material. So, for those interested in additional and altered material, please navigate to the website from time to time.

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