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Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION

In 2007, I self-published Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION, to share my introspection journey and it’s various outcomes. It elaborates on us not living our First-Choice Existence and how we instead live our Second-Choice Existence. It covers planet Earth, other planets in the solar system, the universe, and other inhabited planets and their different states of evolution.

The book encourages Establishing A Culture To Develop Our Collective Human Spirit, Incorporating The Earth Plane And Spirit World.

The intention of Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION is to make all readers aware that our species should be turned from where we are headed to a path where we live with inner peace and in harmony with ourselves, others, and anything on this and any other planet.

Even more, the book and website give readers and visitors the opportunity to craft their life’s vision. Thereby, contributing their individuality to those outside the said 70 million, both living souls and those in the spirit world.

The combined efforts of the group of 70 million, is the bidirectional sharing, “training,” and exposure of one another, and intended to “Develop The Maturity Of Our Collective Human Spirit, Incorporating The Earth Plane And Spirit World.”

Immediate download of Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION audiobook and PDF

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Premium Lifetime Membership to all our universities as they become available.

Peace Evolution Premium Lifetime Membership

Take charge, make a step-change to Natural Selection and the Survival Of The Fittest

Stop the approach of it being at the cost of everyone and everything…

Switch to the approach where Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest is inclusive of everyone and everything

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  1. With Unlock Your Life you have the opportunity to unlock the meaning of your life
  2. With Unlock Your Income you have the opportunity to unlock liking what you do
  3. With Unlock Your Relationships you have the opportunity to unlock successful relationships
  4. With Unlock Your Health you have the opportunity to unlock your health and lose all your extra weight
  5. With Unlock Your Life you have the opportunity to unlock living a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle
Any Of The Points Above Is An Opportunity To Gain Back The $59 Donation Multiple Times Over

The above universities are being rolled out one-by-one with the target completion date of the end 2021Q4

The discounted Premium Lifetime membership is primarily to raise funding for Peace Evolution to fast track its activities.

The funding raised through this membership is earmarked to enable and fast track fulfillment of the activities of Peace Evolution. Main activities are:

  • Complete the 5 universities that are each in a different state of development.
  • Consolidate disparate branded websites and Social Media Networks into one brand.
  • Operationalize current POC (Proof Of Concept) projects to obtain 70 million subscribers.
  • Attract early adopters to join Peace Evolution.
  • Obtain feedback and testimonials from Peace Evolution Premium Lifetime Members when they attend each University as they are launched.

Over several years I was working full-time and used all my spare time to establish Peace Evolution.

Every cent I earned I used to bootstrap Peace Evolution.

It has had different incarnations as I evolved the concept. The first incarnation was Life Can Be Different, to convey the message via my self-published book Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION, in 2007. Peace Evolution is the third incarnation.

Though this is the natural home for the five offerings, I have exhausted all earnings, savings, and I’m overextended with debt as a financial vehicle.

Although Peace Evolution is a for-profit business, I nevertheless decided to ask for donations in return for the above Premium Lifetime Membership. Though it is not the same as seen in this Quora question: Is it legal to solicit donations as a for-profit? I’m asking for donations for the cause to create peace amongst humanity via Peace Evolution.

Once Peace Evolution earns from membership subscriptions, my plan is to stop asking for donations.

In exchange for your donation of $59 or more, I offer you the Premium Lifetime Membership.

I have no guarantees of when the courses I refer to would be rolled out. I also cannot guarantee that you would get any value from it.

Notwithstanding, in my heart, it is my intention and though success is marginal, as I roll out the courses, it would provide value far in excess of its membership subscription fee.

To get a feel for what the courses offer, please read my book and scour this website.

If it leaves you cold, then I have nothing for you.

If it piques your interest, there is more to come and the courses would benefit you.

I need all the help I’m able to muster.

Emmanuel van der Meulen
Founder | CEO, Peace Evolution

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Emmanuel van der Meulen Founder and CEO

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