Peace Evolution: MATURITY

Maturity of the Human Psyche


tree of life gold filigree wreath | maturity | Peace EvolutionThe maturity of our human species is in its infancy.

I make this statement based on what I found in my own case during years of introspection.

My life was initially based on the understanding that if I accumulated enough money, I would have the ability to find out what I wanted to do with my life.

The closer I got to having money, and the more power I had by having money and from seniority in my conventional job, the more unhappy I was. To put it bluntly, the things I was accumulating and with having more freedom, the less it meant to me.

Maturity A Life Without Meaning

Two moments stand out. These moments were 15 years apart.

One moment I remember as if it was yesterday. It was at the beginning of my journey as a young adult.

The words that came to me while lying on the couch in the sunroom, was this: “What is the meaning of this?” When I dissected that feeling several years later:

It was about me not seeing the sense of going out to work. making money, by putting my life and pride into my job:

Having a home life, where daily, it was about going through the motions of the routine:

Making ends meet, and going through the motions of starting out on a journey to establish a residence, and things, emulating the social standards and norms.

This made no sense. I was questioning the meaning of these cycles.

The other moment was several years after being on my conventional life journey.

I would wake at all hours of the night with terrible heartburn from a life of eating well, drinking, and smoking. I was living true to the cliche of “Working hard and playing hard.”

It baffled me that this high life resulted in heartburn and headaches.

In those days I always had headache tablets and antacids for heartburn in the attache case I carried to work and back.

This made no sense. How does this have meaning? Living a high life and having headaches and heartburn.

Looking back now, it is easy, to sum up, what had happened. I was living a life without meaning. At the time I had no idea about what I’m writing here now.

Several years later I embarked on a journey to find out what my life was about.

Fortunately, through my persistence and instinct, which was about finding root causes instead of addressing symptoms, I found the root cause of why I felt my life had no meaning.

Maturity In Infancy

Here is a generalization.

People who write about or provide any content about these topics: Living with meaning; Living our life purpose; Life awareness coaching Responsibility and accountability: And the like, invariably stop at one of these points. Apportioning blame for how our life ended up as it did; Teaching coping mechanisms; Providing alternative routes to pursue.

I refer to such as teaching us tricks. Hence, treating the symptom.

I have not come across writing on the Internet or books that guide us to the root cause. For the record, yes, there is one [I found] that comes close, The Primal Scream by Arthur Janov. And someone I met in person: Dedication.

In Globe, I channel about different levels of maturity spread out over the universe on planet Earth and other planets.

In What Exactly Is Maturity and How Do You Develop It?, the author provides an analysis: I didn’t ask a dozen people on the street what maturity means to them, but I did look up half a dozen quotes about maturity, and my point still holds. Everyone thinks about maturity in a slightly different way.


Maturity is something different altogether.

It starts, where: We realize the answer is not external to us, and we shift from where we stop looking externally to fill the void we feel in our lives to living our meaning and values.

This implies we know what our meaning and values are. Yes, we do know, it already exists in each of us. All we require is courage and honesty, to unlock what is already there. It doesn’t only exist for you and me, it exists for everyone making up humankind. Yes, everyone. In our desperation to fill the void, we get up to the different things humanity gets up to. It is from sheer desperation.

By deduction let me elaborate on how I know this.

If it didn’t exist we would not feel the void. The root cause of the void we feel is we ourselves, are missing in our lives. Yes, the void exists because we are missing from our lives.

Due to our immaturity, which in our psyche has only come as far as recognizing the void.

Furthermore, because our maturity has not developed further, we look to fill the void by obtaining things externally.

This is treating the symptom.

To address the cause is to unlock and our meaning and to live our lives from our meaning and values.

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