How David Works – Meditation, Grass

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

How David Works

Male Flying Fairy—Jovial

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Figure 9: David appears to me as a flying male fairy who provides me with lightness of being and expediting guidance


womans eye with caption | meditation | Peace EvolutionMeditation, Grass

—How David Works, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

We will be playing on a wide-open expanse of lawn. The grass is green and well-groomed and soft, and there is so much of it that we can play and play and there is no reason why any of us will bump into each other while playing. We’ll run around and with our arms pretend that we are airplanes or birds, and with our arms stretched as wide as we can get them, we’ll run around and around and around until we feel we are flying.

There are people everywhere. We are in a big park-like area with trees and lots of lawn and children playing and grown people enjoying being outside and being in amongst the children running around. Others are just walking around leisurely, taking in the surroundings and the trees and those around them. It is a scene of lots of laughter. There are some who are in deep thought and some just taking it all in. People we observe outside our meditation.

A butterfly is flapping its tiny wings in the summery-day sky, flying jaggedly, not in a straight line, and not going anywhere, in particular, just flying as if swaying in quick strokes from left to right and back again and even in circles. A boy is flying his kite close by his family. They are picnicking in the clear, open sunlight, enjoying the sun on their faces.

Luckily, the sun is not so hot. No one out today will scorch in it. The people out today are of all shapes and sizes and are wearing colorful clothing and accessories. It is not every day that the sun shines so pleasantly. In amongst the shady and cloudy and rainy days, there are the absolute-scorcher days, when it is so hot that just being outside for more than a few minutes brings on blisters.

Today is different, one of the milder days. Not too hot, not too cold, but with a sun that brings with it joy and fun and just enough heat for everyone to enjoy and maybe even to burn us slightly, ever so gently, just enough to burn those with fair skin a slight red, and those with less-fair skin color an almost-instant tanned color. Those with dark skins, where sun color is not noticeable, are merely enjoying the warmth brought by the sun.

In the park-like area, there are trees scattered sparsely and clustered together here and there. People are playing or are just together in ones and twos and in smaller groups and also larger groups. It is a typical day outside to frolic and just relax. And we are here to relax amongst this jovial bunch of people. in our meditation cacoon.

We’ll relax while taking in their playing, and their calming and relaxed demeanors. It is our turn to stop the noise in our heads . . . the turmoil of our daily lives . . . the rush we are caught up in. We are just so busy with our lives that we do not have a moment of silence. Not silence as in, nothing is making any noise. No, silence inside ourselves, so we can see

what we are thinking about. Silence so we can look at our thoughts and observe where they are taking us. See whether they take us into situations where we’d rather not be. Very many of these thoughts are not about being quiet and relaxed but about being anxious—anxious about what we are busy with . . . anxious about what we have and don’t have.

There is just not quiet and peace in our lives. And here in this park-like setting where people are quietly going about their leisure and having a fun and relaxing day in the sun, we have an opportunity to slow down our thoughts—slow down our racing minds, maybe just long enough to see that we actually yearn for quiet, as experienced during the meditation.

It is our chance to sit quietly or lie down quietly or stroll quietly and feel the quiet sink into our bodies, with sunrays warming our faces and whatever else on which it gets its rays. We can just be quiet and take it all in and let go of the things in our daily lives that keep us so busy. We can get a glimpse of the hectic lives we lead.

Quietly, slowly, we slow our minds down from a frantic race of solving some problem we have prior to our meditation. Something that is not going the way we’d like it to go. We feel fidgety and notice a small yellow ball on the ground. We pick it up and roll it in our hands, and squeeze it, and throw it in the air, and the ball relaxes us while we engage it.

Meditation, Quieting

We are becoming quiet now.

Some of us do not get quiet easily, becoming quiet being quite a struggle. But we can come back to this piece as many times as we like and just read it, each time slower and slower until we manage to slow our minds enough to enjoy it. This is as easy as it’ll be. No rush, no further reason to become frantic.

There is no right way and no wrong way. There are just each of our own ways and only one important thing, and that is to slow ourselves down—slow enough and slowed down long enough to feel what it feels like to be quiet, not rushed or frantic or panicking or driven by whatever is in our lives that drives us. That is all that is important.

In this quiet state, seeing that we are relaxing now and reaching a level of peacefulness, do we recognize that our breathing has slowed? That our heart rate is calming? Do we observe any aches and pains in our bodies? Maybe there are none, and maybe there is more than one ache or pain. Just observe, and feel where the pain is. Just observe whether we have any anxiety.

Just for a moment though. Observe and feel what the origin is of the anxiety or the pain—again, just for a moment. While calmly experiencing our meditation. And remember, there might not be any anxiety or aches or pains, and there is no right or wrong—there is just whatever we observe in ourselves, even that maybe we observe nothing. We do not need to do anything about it, just observe.

Are we quiet enough to realize how busy our tongues are in our mouths? Are our tongues wriggling this way and that way? Are we unable to relax just enough for our tongues to also be quiet in our mouths?

Maybe our tongues are quiet. Maybe we have a twitch? Maybe we observe another symptom?

There is no right and no wrong. During, before, or after the meditation, there is no right or wrong.  Even if we do not quiet ourselves enough to observe these things or anything, there is no right and no wrong, even if we are just calm and do not notice anything while calm. None of us is the same. Some will have similar observations, and others will have different observations. All that is important is to quiet ourselves so we are able to observe ourselves.

That is all—observe ourselves.

As we take our focus off ourselves and focus on the people wandering around in the park-like area . . . walking on the groomed grass . . . children running and playing and not being able to sit for a moment, playing till exhaustion sets in . . . and we observe the peacefulness and quiet of the people sharing the park-like area with us . . . we feel a part of them from a distance as we observe the temperature on our bodies and how the sun is splashing on everyone.

We feel another level of calm set in. We are relaxing and enjoying this day out—with everyone. Calming ourselves might even be unusual for some of us, and possibly very usual for others. Meditation is a fine way to calm ourselves. The main thing that is important is that we are able to quiet ourselves, even if just a little, and take it in. Take in ourselves and take in those around us. Observe everyone out today in the sunlight. Observe by contrast our possible lack of being quiet in our usual day-to-day lives.

That said, we are now focusing on ourselves in relation to our everyday lives. What is important is that we are possibly, for the first time, doing very different things from what we usually do in our everyday lives. Observe whether we like it or not. It might even be scary to be quiet.

We might be considering that we might want this quiet each and every day and that our busy lives do not cater to it. We might even feel that we could never live this quietly in our day-to-day lives. Be that as it may, what is important is to taste a quiet moment and observe ourselves and feel whether we like it or not.

If we do not like it, that is okay. But it is strange that we observe quiet and peacefulness and say that we do not like it. It is okay but questionable, and we might just want to stop for a moment to observe why indeed we do not like this quietness and peacefulness when visiting the park-like area to experience everyone else here and how quiet they are within themselves even though busy with their own activities. Notice on their faces there are no frowns, no strokes of anger.

Everyone is merely enjoying their day out, quietly, and peacefully. Today they have left behind what usually drives them to have frowns on their faces, to have strokes of anger over their faces. And just for today, we can enjoy that same quiet and peacefulness.

What is important is that we experience the quiet, even if just for a moment or a few moments. If we manage to experience it and observe the contrast with our everyday lives, we stand a chance to desire the quiet again and again.

It is the quiet that we are after. Observe the contrast between this quiet and our hectic everyday lives. It is the contrast we are likely to observe that is important.

And now, let’s quiet ourselves even more. Take a slow, deep breath and hold it for a while, and exhale slowly, very slowly. We might feel as if we are ready to fall asleep. We might feel as if we are drifting outside ourselves—as if separate from ourselves. We’re quiet, and possibly even feel we are not a part of ourselves. We’re just mingling in a trancelike state. We feel as if we do not care about anything anymore. We’re uninterested in fighting anything anymore.

We feel like staying in this state for a few moments longer. We are taking this opportunity to relax and be quiet and feel numb and unconcerned. We spare a thought for those around us in the park-like area . . . we hardly notice them . . . they are there, but not vividly anymore. We are more or less in a sleeplike state. We are very quiet and very relaxed.

We notice that what we experienced previously—the rush, the anger, the anxiety—these are so far removed from us at this point, we cannot imagine that it was so profound and so vivid just moments ago. Oh, and it does not feel like moments ago, more like hours ago, more like days ago. It feels so different now that the calm has at last set in, and we may even feel like falling asleep.

But hold it there. Do not sleep. But if you do fall asleep, that is fine. If you can stay awake, do so. Those that fall asleep take in some more rest in your day-to-day lives. Then eventually, when quieting yourself, you would stop falling asleep.

So we’re not asleep yet, and we are observing our own quiet state and the peacefulness of it.

Now, when in this deep quiet, and calmness and peacefulness, let’s look up ever so slowly. What do we see? Don’t look to see anything, just look and see if anything appears there for you to see. No matter that you might think you are imagining it, just go with what you see.

We’re just stopping for a moment to mention that, at this point, it is important to ask for protection from those that guide our lives: those in the spirit world who have been with us our whole lives to guide us and protect us. We ask that each guide of everyone present reading this and taking part here today is protected.

We ask that the senior spirit guides present assist with the protection and bring in whoever is required to make this event—this special meditation event—safe for everyone present. That each person here and each spirit guide present is protected, so the forthcoming event can proceed in safety.

Before we get back to looking up and observing what we see: This might be a very strange experience for those of us who have never done it before, and your frames of reference and standards and norms might at this very moment be kicking and screaming to stop and not to go where we are going. That is okay, just observe what is transpiring in you, the way you are fighting and kicking and screaming against this event. Do not fight it, accept it

Accept that your standards and norms are fighting this tooth and nail. You are welcome to calmly return and awaken out of this meditation, and calmly and slowly get back to where you were sitting, or lying, or walking, or whatever position you were at when commencing with us. Just slowly and calmly go there feeling refreshed and wide-awake.

A last request to those of us departing now: It would serve you to take in the material and see where you are headed with your life, and remember that at any time, you are welcome to return here and take this journey of meditation with us and see where it takes us. Go in peace.

Those of us staying, take a deep breath, hold it and slowly, very slowly exhale. Calmly look up, but don’t look to see anything, just observe what you see. Might it be that you see or sense your spirit guides? And when saying “Look and see,” in most cases your eyes are closed. So it is not about seeing with your eyes and not about looking with your eyes, but sensing and seeing with your mind’s eye. Is it maybe that we see our spirit guides—maybe very faintly, but nevertheless seeing them there when looking up with our mind’s eye?

The spirit guides are there—we request them to reach out to us. Each spirit guide is requested to reach out to the Earth-soul they guide. The spirit guides are with us all our lives, and guide us, and want to get through to us to give us guidance in accordance with how such guidance works.

Some of us might see our guides. Some of us might recognize that we see them. Some of us might feel we are imagining things. Nevertheless, we do have a chance to see or sense their presence and it might even be a familiar experience. It might also be our first experience of this kind. It might even be a scary experience.

Merely acknowledge it as such. If too scary to continue, you are welcome to calmly return and awaken out of this meditation, and calmly and slowly get back to where you were sitting, or lying, or walking, or whatever position you were in when commencing with us. Just slowly and calmly go there feeling refreshed and wide-awake.

A last request to those of us parting now: You have come far with us on this meditation journey. It would serve you to take a breather while absorbing more of the material, see where you are headed with your life, and remember that at any time, you are welcome to return here to take this meditation journey with us and see where it takes us. Go in peace.

Those of us that are staying, take a deep breath, hold it, and slowly, very slowly exhale. Let us mingle with our guides, just quietly looking up and feeling the calm on our faces while we are looking at them and mingling with them.

Enjoy the experience of mingling with our spirit guides, and know that we are safe with them. Even before now, they have been there all along, most probably knowing our every experience as between a parent and child. A caring parent is always there, whether the child knows it or not. The parent guides the child whether the child is conscious of it or not.

The parent also gets to know the child well and learns from the child. The caring parent is never far away from the child, and is always aware of what is going on, even when the parent is in another room or out somewhere. In the same way, our spirit guides are there and they know our every move and are fully aware of us, just like a caring parent, whether we are conscious of them or not. Meditation is a wonderful and relaxing experience, isn’t it?

Let’s mingle some more, taking in our spirit guides’ relationship with us. We may not necessarily see them all this time, it might even be an effort to see them all the time while mingling, and we might not be aware of them, but they are certainly aware of us and care for us deeply and guide us, even though we might not be aware of them.

They nudge us all the time with guidance, and mostly we are too cut off from them to know it, to sense it or to take it in. Nonetheless, they are there all the time, guiding and caring and nudging. Are we ever going to become aware of them to the extent that we would consciously let them into our lives?

Note the emphasis here is on caring parents. As with a caring parent and a child, even though the child is oblivious of the parent and the parent’s intentions, does the child ever let the parent in? Does the child ever connect to form a true and everlasting bond with a caring parent? Is the child usually oblivious of their parent and their parent’s intentions? Are children ever rebellious toward their parents?

Like with a caring parent-and-child relationship, we are guided by our spirit guides, and are we ever going to let them in and connect with them and develop a bond with them?

Mediation, Thank You

We have probably mingled enough for this outing. We probably have gotten enough food for thought. We have probably seen enough for now and experienced enough for now. It is time to return. For now, we can say good-bye to our guides. Good-bye, guides. Thank you for being here and exposing yourselves to us, go in peace.

To the guides providing protection for the proceedings: Thank you for making it safe for us during the meditation.

To the senior spirit guides present that took charge of arranging the protection and oversaw the proceedings: Thank you for arranging the protection and for overseeing the event.

To every spirit guide present for this special event: Thank you.

To everyone present, a last “Thank you and good-bye and go in peace.”

To every person taking part in this meditation event, let us now go back slowly to where we started. Can we see the people in the park-like area? Is the sun still out in a mild-mannered way without harming anyone with its strong rays? Are the children who were playing and running around . . . the other people who were lazing around on picnic blankets . . . those who were walking around . . . all taking a nap?

Are they mostly quietly sleeping somewhere? As we get back, we see them awakening and starting to stir. They are awakening because while we were away, they became very quiet and took a nap. Now, everyone is stirring as they are awakening. Some people and some children did not sleep; they were just lazing around or talking quietly so as not to disturb anyone. And we are back, quiet and fully rested and wide-awake and refreshed, and when we are ready we can open our eyes.

Hello everyone, welcome back.

Footnote from Emmanuel. In How to Meditate, the authors assert: When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives. And bonus: you don’t need any extra gear or an expensive membership.


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