Emmanuel van der Meulen

Founder | CEO @ Peace Evolution

Here is an introduction to myself

Emmanuel van der Meulen Founder CEO | emmanuel van der meulen | Peace Evolution

During my mid-adult years, specifically, when my father died, I became disillusioned and a nervous wreck. 

It took me around two years of introspection and help from many sources to get to the root cause of my disillusionment.

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During the introspection and the start of making certain changes, I became vegetarian.

I became interested in recycling, and after several failed attempts I gave up.

Many years later with my life-partner we successfully implemented recycling.

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After a cholesterol-induced mild heart attack, we changed our eating habits and stopped consuming foods and drinks which are considered to add to cholesterol. At the same time, we switched to consuming zero added sugar foods and drinks. We cut our added sugar intake to less than 5% 

We started practicing various types of fasting and introduced regular, though modest exercising.

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My journey, life experiences, and the benefits I derived culminated into providing the following service  offerings:

  • Unlocking our Life

  • Unlocking our Income

  • Unlocking our Relationships

  • Healthy Eating

  • Healthy Fasting

  • Healthy Exercising

  • Eco-Friendly Living

Being a trainer, tutor, and mentor by nature I decided to share my findings with anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to mine.

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With each of these transitions, it became clear that when we’re liking what we do which is based on finding and living our meaning and inner value, is a recipe for inner peace and living in harmony and balance with everyone and everything – the basis for Peace Evolution.

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My life included dark days immediately before, during, and after my self-discovery journey. 

To exemplify my self-discovery I self-published Life Can Be Different: CONCEPTION in 2007.

I’m of the opinion that at some point during our lives we felt like, have wished for, yearned for, or had daydreams about our life experiences being different.

I’m creating awareness that we are able to:

  1. Create successful relationships with everyone and everything.
  2. Address why our relationships are unsuccessful.
  3. Attract people who are unhappy with human behavior. See Human behavior from Britannica: This article discusses the development of human behavior.

As we address these points and switch to liking what we do our lives automatically change and we become givers instead of takers.

Consequently, as we switch to liking what we do in all aspects of our lives, we automatically disrupt Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest and it becomes inclusive of everyone and everything. Rather than the current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything.

Thereby maturing the psyche of the human species.

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When we take an in-depth look to unlock liking what we do, we see our inner beauty and our meaning. This leads us to a vision of what we want to create with our values and meaning.

For this unlocking to work, a full understanding of why we made the choices we made to date, has to be unveiled. Knowing the reason, the root cause of why our life feels as if something is missing, is one of the main ingredients required to uncover liking what we do.

Our behavior to fill the void of something being missing causes the seemingly inherent behavior that at all costs we live to perpetuate natural selection and survival of the fittest. This behavior is not nature, instead it is nurtured.


The natural progression once we uncover our life’s vision – based on our inner found value and meaning – is to live that, to sustain ourselves, and to make money based on liking what we do, on our journey as guided by our vision.

This is easier said than done.

We need a plan guided and groomed by our talents, temperament, liking what we do, time, and our funding availability.


An assertion we hear from time to time is that we want to be accepted as we are.

Yet, when we’re in an intimate relationship, either one party or the other, and mostly both parties inevitably want to change the other partner.

“Why is this?”

We, each human in our species is chasing something that isn’t possible to attain. 

We’re not seeing the light yet. My generalization is harsh when I say there is no one that made the step-change away from being a product of their circumstances.

Footnote. Anyone who has made the step change, a minority amongst us, would understand why I’m asserting that we are products of our circumstances.

Why do we yearn for things to be a certain way?

Our relationship with ourselves, our body, our environment, everyone, and everything is based on us wanting to be in charge, no matter what, so we’re able to make things okay, so we’re okay.


Early in 2018, I had a mild cholesterol-induced heart attack. Fortunately, the cardiologist was able to open the artery without invasive surgery.

I cut out anything to do with sugar and foods and drinks that contributed to cholesterol.

In the main, I cut out chocolates, excessive cheese, and 99% full cream milk. And almost no more sugar. I occasionally indulge in a takeaway pizza or Indian food. I am wondering about cutting these out too.

Almost overnight I lost 10 kilograms. Been for regular checkups with the Cardiologist, with a clean bill of health.

I understood more and my awareness about eating, in general, evolved to where I’m able to distinguish between emotional eating and hunger.

Certain activities enable us to heal ourselves.

Start with consuming natural, wholesome foods, and drinks.

These foods and drinks are nutritious, are light, and digest easily.

Other activities are exercising, fasting, and autophagy. Covered elsewhere on this page.


The pillars of a healthy weight are healthy eating, healthy fasting, healthy exercising, and autophagy.

Healthy eating is covered elsewhere on this page.

It became evident that we’re able to easily go without food – as long as we have water, and saltwater too, when we feel drained of energy – with the occasional tea and coffee (without cream, milk, and sugar).


By practicing intermittent fasting for 9 to 14 hours on most days, I slowly started losing of the extra pounds I was carrying.

I balance my food intake, with less time required for digesting the intake.


Modest exercise, preferably regularly, creates time for autophagy.


Autophagy is the body’s natural process of self-cleaning and self-healing.

Living and Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Recycle, reuse, repurpose, and reduce combined with sustainable resources is gaining traction, though very slowly. Eco-friendly living has been advocated for several decades, for example, in the case of Greenpeace’s History, they have been advocating eco-friendly living for 5 decades.

At the core of living in a sustainable way is knowledge. This knowledge is not readily disseminated in a focussed way. Each of the advocate organizations is doing their level best to spread their knowledge. More is required though.

We are living in a non-sustainable way.


70 Million people

As each person, come entrepreneur identifies liking what they do, and establishes themselves, and if they want to share and network with others who want to make a difference, we want to hear about them.

I see this as an ecosystem of the ever-growing community making up the growth to the 70 million people, along the journey.

Imagine the skills and talents among the 70m people and the services they would offer, either as part of the Liking What You Do community or on their own.

No one is forced into doing anything, there is no obligation, only togetherness, and peacefulness within the Peace Evolution community.

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The disruption of Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest to become inclusive of everyone and everything, rather than the current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything is a massive project, and it’s going to take generations to achieve this disruption. Though I dream of seeing some shift in my lifetime.

Then there is the aspect of the human spirit.

Civilization as we know it is in existence for around 10,000 years, our evolution of peace is at the least in its infancy.

Through awareness, my intent is to gracefully jolt humankind to come together to improve our lot for everyone and everything. This jolt has no guarantee of any effect.

Humankind is ready for such an extreme exposure of what we’re creating, or of being shown that it’s up to each one of us to stop and observe our ways with brutal honesty, and then have the courage of our convictions to uncover ourselves and walk our own path, thereby manifesting our meaning and thus living naturally.

Yet to everyone who reads this, I state my intentions: it is worth any amount of effort and risk to do so. Should we manifest our meaning, our inner beauty replaces and displaces, albeit one person at a time and even if it takes a million years, the self-destruction we’re living today, as independent individuals and as a species.

We would only accomplish such togetherness through consciously exposing what is driving the self-destruction while at the same time uncovering each individual’s meaning.

When what drives the status quo is exposed for anyone to understand, we have the opportunity to break out of the cycle of self-destruction. Breaking out of the cycle comes when individuals uncover themselves and then manifest what they uncovered as independent individuals.

Emmanuel van der Meulen
August 2020