Spirit Manifesting Physically

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 30, 2020

womans eye with caption | spirit manifesting | Peace Evolution​When we are born, we aren’t aware of our spirituality. Our parents were in exactly the same boat. Our soul, which is part of us and part of our spirituality, is nowhere to be seen. Nowhere in our life, as seen from humankind’s behavior, would anyone even say we have a soul, or that we are spiritual beings.

Continuously throughout our life, our soul attempts to make us aware that it’s there. Throughout our life, we more or less ignore our souls.

As a result, what we manifest with our life is certainly not us. When we look at Factor-x, as seen in “Factor-x and How It Comes About,” we see that we’re likely only manifesting disproving the existence of our Factor-x. (Therefore, in essence, we’re likely nowhere to be found in our own lives.)

This anomaly of manifesting Factor-x as opposed to manifesting our own souls is handed down from our parents, from their parents, and so forth. This will continue until individuals see it for themselves and take back their own lives and start manifesting their own souls. This isn’t something that can be achieved by one person on behalf of another person. Nor can it be achieved en masse.

We might wonder when or how we can recognize our souls. Well, it’s relatively easy to recognize our souls, but it’s not so easy to stop manifesting our Factor-x, which should first be stopped to allow us to manifest our souls.

Our behavior is merely an extension of either our Factor-x or our soul. Whenever we do or say one thing, but would have rather said or done another, these are instances of our soul being suppressed. Unfortunately, letting our souls out is easier said than done.

In looking at symptoms and causes, as you read about in “Treating Symptoms and Addressing the Cause,” we see that we might be traveling down a road of merely looking at the symptom, not looking at underlying causes at all. So by attending only to symptoms, we don’t stand a chance of getting to our soul. Instead, we’re continuously in a struggle to look for the best of the worst options.

To really address the cause is to have the courage to address Factor-x. By doing so, we will thereby uncover ourselves, thus uncovering our souls as the core of our lives. Only once this is done can our souls be uncovered fully. Like with a baby learning to walk who has fallen, it’s a matter of having the courage to get up and attempt it again. After a while, as with learning to walk, it becomes easier to see what our souls prefer, moment by moment. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible without courage and brutal honesty with ourselves.

This isn’t about changing the world; it’s about individuals seeing their ways and consciously giving recognition to their souls. By doing this, one at a time, humankind has a chance to stop its current self-destructive path.

But in saying “humankind,” I don’t mean this is about another person. It is about us, starting with each individual being on a selfdestructive path. It’s about carrying this forward to our environment and everyone around us, including where children exist: perpetuating the anomaly to them, and they in turn transferring these things to their environment, and to their children, when they become adults. This reference to humankind is, in fact, a reference to each individual making up humankind. So be assured this isn’t about someone else; it’s about each individual. It is about us.

When looking at what humankind in general is doing and what individuals are specifically doing, it begs the question. What are humankind’s intentions through each individual?

Guessing about it, quite possibly, we aren’t even aware of our souls, or that we’re part of a collective human spirit, incorporating the earth plane and spirit world. Likely, individuals don’t even see themselves as spirit beings, or that they have souls that are being smothered. This reference to “soul” isn’t about something external, this is referring to ourselves—as in, we are smothering ourselves. Are we living our lives feeling that we are being smothered? If so, that smothering is being done by us to ourselves.

Most likely, an individual isn’t even aware of his or her role in the bigger scheme of things—that individuals make up humankind. We contribute to humankind whether we know it, understand it, or agree with it. In doing nothing and continuing to manifest our Factor-x, we contribute to humankind’s destruction.

You might be asking, “Who am I?” or “What can I do?” When we uncover our souls and see our roles in humankind and in the spirit world, then our contribution is about turning humankind around, away from its own destruction . . . one individual at a time . . . automatically . . . just by being ourselves. We don’t have to do anything specific or special. Our own manifestation is specific and special—simply by our manifestation, we’ll automatically contribute to humankind’s wellbeing.

Is it safe to say, then, based on our current behavior, it’s clear we’re not manifesting our souls: that we don’t see ourselves as spirit beings manifesting physically here on Earth as earthlings? That what we’re doing instead is manifesting our Factor-x, thereby smothering ourselves? Once we recognize this, it is possible to start uncovering ourselves.

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