Is It Real?

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

The White Wolf Call

White Wolf, senior spirit guide. This is the main spirit guide of a group of spirit guides who are with me to provide guidance for my life and with whom I have intimate dealings. He has been with me seemingly my whole life. It seems we have rubbed off onto each other or he has rubbed off onto me. Regardless, he is awesome.
Possibly all spirit guides are awesome. I’m not sure whether spirit guides aspire to such words as “awesome,” but he has certainly widened my horizons. What I like in particular is the way in which he goes about communicating with me. I can add that he’s a no-nonsense soul. He provides me with guidance therapy for my own life, and with guidance related to providing a blueprint for inner peace. He also provides me with guidance for creating togetherness amongst independent individuals who have found themselves and are amongst living souls, and those who are in the spirit world. The togetherness is being created with the express purpose to create an awareness that our species can be turned from where we are headed to a path where we can live with inner peace and in harmony with ourselves, others and anything on this and any other planet.

Is It Real?

—The White Wolf Call, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

Relationship between White Wolf and Emmanuel

It was many years ago when I sat outside with Emmanuel in the moonlight when we discussed a plan to establish everlasting peace on Earth amongst all of humankind and also in the spirit world: where whatever is learned by humankind can be plowed back into the spirit world and vice versa.

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Figure 6: Indian chief with headdress sitting with crossed legs

As we sat discussing the pros and cons of very specific strategies and solutions for peace among all souls in humankind and in the spirit world, it became evident that only one solution would work, one based on reaching all souls, and one in which all souls could work together. In this solution, these souls would deploy only one technique, and that is to expose to souls that they have a second-choice existence and why that is the case. This information would be proliferated to all souls, both earthlings and those in spirit world. It would be done by methodically and meticulously exposing why souls do what they do, while at the same time showing, without any doubt, what those actions result in. The vision is to expose that a second-choice existence exists, and why it came about.
Another part of the strategy is similar to wanting to share information with parents and their children—the parent needs to be shown the information so they have the capacity to support and guide their children while practicing what they speak. This allows their children to see firsthand, from their parents as role models, how information is implemented. You cannot really only “work” with the children, or only “work” with the parents. Ideally, you would want to “work” with children and parents at the same time. This gives the information a chance to work through the cycle of parent and child, and child and parent. Otherwise, there is a blockage somewhere.
In the same way, the plan we devised for souls of earthlings and souls in the spirit world is for them to be exposed simultaneously to the existence of first and second-choice existences, and the cause of the secondchoice existence. From what we saw in the spirit world and amongst earthlings alike, there is mass secondchoice existence. Therefore, the plan included simultaneous exposure to both “worlds.”

womans eye with caption | is it real | Peace EvolutionWe discussed our plan to create peace amongst all souls, and agreed that one of us would stay in the spirit world, and the other would go to the Earth plane and walk amongst humankind to learn firsthand what it is like. It turned out, after some debate, that Emmanuel was up for it, and that he would be the one to enter Earth as a human. He was adamant that he would survive the Earth constraints, and would break through them to again be able to contact me and I to contacthim. This was a pact we made many years ago.

There were other souls with ideas, and also souls who got wind of this idea. Many souls see what is happening and recognize that all is not right amongst souls. Some make plans. Whether those plans were indeed implemented, we do not know. Living so much in our own world, we were not likely to take notice of other souls and their plans. We were also aware that very many plans were already implemented, but did not seem to work.

Let me not detract from our relationship. Anyway, we forwarded this plan to our superiors, who were doubtful but agreed to let us enter the chain of souls waiting for parents so Emmanuel could take up the life of a newly conceived baby. As it turned out, we lobbied to get the best place in the chain, and notwithstanding after waiting for a very long time, the soul known today as Emmanuel got his turn. We were not selective at all. It was merely a matter of: here is the chance to take up life, and Emmanuel, with very little further thought, jumped at the opportunity. And the baby Emmanuel was born.

During his upbringing, he encountered many difficulties but somehow survived them. As I watched him, it was clear to see the wounds he was picking up, but our agreement was that I was not to interfere. Over time he got very far away, and I was sure he was lost to me. But then one day out of the blue, I recognized that he was beginning to question the Earth system and his life and how it had unfolded. He was really fully part of an earthling life, and had fallen into almost every one of the cultural patterns associated with his culture. But he definitely didn’t fit in. And here was the first signal of his questioning of what it was all about.

Then, over a period of several years, the signals reached me often that he was seeking for something. I was sure he didn’t know what he was searching for, but yes, he was searching. I watched him look into books written on various topics, and saw that he was visiting many different people in a search for what everything meant. I could see that he started seeing that he was onto something, but as he questioned everything, he didn’t find what he was looking for.

Then he met my brother’s Earth soul, and he saw for the first time what he was looking for. There were doubts, and he interrogated this Earth soul to see whether it was truth, whether it was what he was looking for. It seemed he found exactly what he was looking for: the meaning to his life. But as I watched, I saw he was only partly onto it. It seemed he was into an important part of it, however. It was the foundation, the difference between what he now calls Factor-x and a first-choice life.

I watched him walk and stumble, as with your babies when they learn to walk. He would get up and walk, fall down, and stay down for what looked like an eternity. Then he would get up again, all the time unraveling his situation and where he had come from and where he was going. I could see it was a real struggle for him to realign himself with his soul. And even though he thought he was getting nowhere, I could see that slowly but surely, he was getting to where he was headed. His basic tool was to look closely before taking any step, to see whether this was the step he wanted to take: a step in the direction of his first-choice life.

I followed his every move, each step of the way. My part in this partnership was to take care of him, and to determine where and how I could guide him. I would concentrate very hard on him and what I wanted him to feel regarding the direction he was headed. This was especially required when he was stuck and didn’t move and was just frozen on the spot, not moving in any direction. I was merely there. I was certain he was so cut off from our arrangement, he was totally unaware of me. To observe his struggle was dreadful to see, but it was what we had arranged and agreed upon: He chose to be the one going in as an earthling to experience firsthand what it is like. This was our contribution to the well-being of humankind and the spirit world.

He fumbled and stumbled around for just over a decade, without once giving me any inclination that he was aware of what we had agreed. Then, after spending years with my brother’s earthling soul, he went on his way again, still not making contact with me. As an earthling, I could see he was caught up completely as one and was lost to himself. During this period as I walked with him on his path, I learned about an earthling life, about the hardships and difficulties that exist, and also how lost he became within the constraints. I thus learned firsthand with him.

He then had an experience that introduced him to the spirit world for the first time. Even though he was seemingly very interested in the concept of a spirit world and being able to communicate with the spirit world, he was shaking in his boots. He had so many questions for the spirit world that revolved around whether the first-choice life he had stumbled onto through his daydreaming was indeed accurate. It seemed no matter how much it was confirmed to him that he was headed home, so to speak, he questioned it and himself ad nauseam.

Let me digress a bit. As an earthling, with all of his life coming to a head, he did not cope, and as earthlings call it, he had a nervous breakdown. His earthly system fell apart. He was not cut out for the earthling constraints. He was struggling and didn’t want to be molded by all the constraints, and the more he accepted the constraints, the more he became unhappy and the more he was searching for the meaning of it. He seemed to be weak in his strength . . . in that not

wanting to be molded got him down. He could not accept being molded by earthly constraints, and as he was accepting them, so his life became even more difficult, to the point where he could not bear it anymore and he was shattered. He could not function. A day didn’t go by that he didn’t panic at what had happened to him. Being a very sensitive person, he could not handle what had happened to him, and he didn’t want anyone else to know what had happened to him. He could not afford to be exposed to other earthlings as not being able to “hack it” as an earthling. But he could not hide it.

His particular nervous breakdown showed distinctly whenever he panicked. Because of being a sensitive person, his body, being fragile, shows immediately when he is not at peace and confident in his ways. He was truly an earthling with a sensitive soul not coping, and it shows very easily, even today. Those souls close to him see his panic. He is not able to hide it. But he seems to manage better and better.

At the time of this writing he functions mostly normally, and from some time back, he made contact with me after visiting an earthling soul who introduced me to him. She is a soul who conveyed to him that it was important for me to let him know my name and what I looked like. Prior to this, Emmanuel went to another earthling soul who, via her spirit-world souls, channeled training-incommunication between spirit-world and earthling souls. I watched him struggle with this training. He wanted to communicate, but he was not interested in what they were teaching. He couldn’t put himself through it. But I did notice that he was able to communicate. He was just scraping the surface, but he managed to channel messages from spirit souls to earthling souls.

But what he was after was to communicate directly with the spirit guide he was told was guiding his life. When he met the former earthling soul to get confirmation of some big steps he was taking in his life that he was unsure of, he got something he didn’t expect. As it turned out, this earthling soul was accurate, and introduced me to him and brought to his attention what my name is and what I look like. He was still unable to communicate with me—he seemingly had a very busy life, and each time he made contact he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion as a result of his busy life. But in the main, he was still not aware of whom I was, and in fact, who was being introduced to him.

But some important points were made by this earthling soul, and Emmanuel took note. This particular earthling soul provided an audiotape, as you earthlings call it. Emmanuel listened to the tape a few times, and seemed to “fast track” and started communicating regularly with me.

We are communicating fairly regularly on most days, and some days, we communicate more than once—this being the case at the time of this writing. Emmanuel seems to struggle to see his and my soul as separate. Because we have spent his whole life together, I know him very well. So when we communicate, it seems to him that he is communicating with himself. He also feels he must be imagining me and his communication with me.

During his life, I suspect I got through to him three times with very important information regarding his life’s path. Once was when he was just out of school and in discussion with his school-hostel roommate. He didn’t understand what I was sharing with him, but what I was sharing never left him.

And so it was at another time when I got through to Emmanuel. In his struggle to live as an earthling, he was taking part in a lifeawareness workshop, where the mood was certainly set for him to calm himself and open himself to other dimensions, as you earthlings call it. That is when a group of us stood by and, when time presented itself, we got an impression to him, which was this message:

Emmanuel, go and do what is important to you but
you must be the one doing it. Do not delegate it to others
to do. Do it because it is important to you.

He got the message, our group could see he got it, but it took nearly two of your years for him to bring that message to his consciousness. I noticed that what Emmanuel used to do was to think up ideas, but then get other people to implement them. That was his way. It became absolutely important for him to do his own thing. Not just anything, not just for any reason, but for one reason: that it was something so important to him, nothing else mattered to him. Therefore, if he was not doing this one particular thing, his life was not really worth living.

As a footnote, let me add that this one thing doesn’t imply one thing in total. No, more like a theme implemented through several actions and activities. See it as one thread running through a variety of things.

Then I got through to him a third time, when he was taking a break in your Kruger National Park in South Africa. He was traveling one day when I got through to him with the following.

In his quiet state, driving, lost in his own thoughts looking to spot game, he found and watched an elephant eating leaves from a small tree that seemed dead. He was In awe of how daintily the elephant managed to strip leaves from the small tree with his big, bulky trunk. When driving on after seeing this, which had obviously relaxed him (he was in an already-quiet state), I suggested to him that he and someone in the spirit world work together to expose to earthly and spirit-world souls that we are all living second-choice lives. It seemed he recognized that suggestion. He was already busy with the accompanying website, but still learning to program websites. But that suggestion got through to him, and it seemed that he became determined to learn to communicate with the spirit world.

Over time, I managed to get through to him on several more occasions, but the times mentioned above were watershed encounters.

That is how it came about that we started communicating with each other. We communicate fairly accurately. Not quite 100% yet, but we are getting there.

So we have nearly come full circle. Emmanuel is setting up the accompanying website to communicate with earthling souls, and also to communicate with spirit-world souls. In this way, he and I are back to what we discussed several decades ago and what we set out to achieve: to assist every soul in the earthling state and in the spiritworld state in uncovering their meaning.

This is our relationship and our plan. He is the one on Earth exposing to earthlings what he sees, and he and I communicate and convey what is exposed back and forth. My part of the partnership is to convey these exposures to spirit-world souls. They in turn have their earthling souls that they guide, and will then share such exposure with them. So the cycle is Emmanuel and myself. And we in turn proliferate the information to other souls in our “worlds,” drawing together souls from both worlds working together, one by one as independent individuals, to create a togetherness comprising those souls willing to live their first-choice lives with integrity and without compromise, where anyone is welcome, but only if they are willing to live their first-choice lives.

In closing, this seed that began a long, long time ago, with Emmanuel and I sitting outside in the moonlight, is now nearly ready to break through Mother Earth. Very shortly, by the launch of the accompanying website, all hell will break loose on Earth and in the spirit world. No one will have any excuse anymore to live secondchoice lives. To coin Emmanuel’s phrase, no one will be able to say they didn’t know.

Let’s live our first-choice lives.

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