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By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020


—The White Wolf Call, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

 There is an understanding that water is what holds humans together. Here are some other ways of looking at what holds humans together.

womans eye with caption | one | Peace EvolutionOne With Each Other

We are one with each other through our ancestral ties. We break off in little pieces when we separate from the ancestral body. Each piece is a soul unto its own. A soul is nothing more or nothing less than life.

So see the ancestral body as a pool of souls. There is one pool of souls for humans and another pool of souls for each other thing. But here we’ll stay with the pool of souls for humans. So humans are part of their own like body.) See this body as a collection of all of human experiences over time. And by the way, this time is longer than we care to imagine. It goes back longer than anyone has ever attempted to measure.

So the body of life for humans is a pool of life. Each time someone is born . . . and listen carefully . . . we are born as humans who walk the Earth, humans who walk other “Earth planes,” and humans who walk in spirit. So humans are not only born into the Earth plane, humans are born on many other Earth planes unknown to earthlings. That is yet another piece elsewhere.

When we are born as souls—born only in spirit—it merely means that we don’t have the Earth-walking experience. Rather, we are as much a part of the pool of humans as those walking on Earth or elsewhere.

If you’re thinking, Why would humans be born in spirit only?, this is the stage before it is required for an earthling or humans elsewhere to receive life. Meaning, a soul exists in the spirit world, born from the pool of humans, awaiting a turn to take up life of, say, an earthling conceived by two parents.

So there are souls waiting in the wings, to coin an Earth phrase. But not all souls decide to take up life of such a conception. You see, when we are truly free and have freedom of choice, we can choose to become one with conception, or just remain as souls only and not be part of taking up life as an earthling.

Some souls, like me, decide to observe the pool of humans and those born from it like earthlings, and then make a contribution toward the well-being of the pool of humans from the perspective of being a soul. Thus, we contribute merely from observation, and of course our experiences as part of the pool of humans.

Then there is also the possibility of “working” as a pair or team—to have a combined and planned experience from a soul-only perspective and earthling experience combined, but where this experience commences with a particular purpose in mind.

I elaborate on this in another piece titled, “Is It Real?” In this piece, Emmanuel and I set out for a particular purpose, fairly elaborate: to combine the soul-and-Earth experience, with guidance from the soul to the earthling, up to the point of reaching into humankind’s experience on Earth and then breaking through all the barriers built by individuals on Earth

To reunite as part of the same team or pair, and then build on both the soul experience—in the spirit world—and the Earth experience, thereby getting insight from both these perspectives and getting guidance and gaining wisdom so the pool of humans is grown and developed a minute part at a time, each time closer to maturing itself.

The purpose for this elaborate plan is to explore the possibility of working together in this way, and then building on the concept that we are free, but don’t know that to be free depends on us: that is, each individual soul. Yes, even souls in the spirit world. Souls in general don’t see that they are free.

A more accurate way of putting it is, they are free to take up the choice to be free. This sounds like it is difficult to grasp. Yet it is more fascinating than difficult. Put another way, each soul is free to take up their choice to be free. So we are not born free but we can be free, but only if we exercise the choice to be free. And when free, it is up to us to make with our lives whatever we desire.

In mine and Emmanuel’s case, we decided to bring this working-together amongst souls to the pool of humans, as well as bring the message as conveyed in this material to all souls. Then, the few or many souls who see our message might take up their freedom and possibly work with us to spread this to all other souls. Through this working-together as independent, individual souls, and with some momentum developing, the pool of humans would develop its maturity in its wisdom.

Over time, this may have a major impact on the way souls, both on Earth and in the spirit world and on other “Earth planes,” will behave and experience each other. There will most probably be greater harmony amongst souls. There will most probably be camaraderie amongst more and more souls, and we will create a world for ourselves, so to speak, where everyone benefits, not only those who can fit into the system.

For today, there are many souls who don’t cope in the existing system, and are merely tossed out to rot and to fend for themselves. This behavior doesn’t suit anyone. When you look carefully at the dynamics, you’ll notice that those that make it “have,” and those that don’t make it “don’t have.” So it seems that those that “make it” do so at the expense of other souls. Why not, instead, devise a system where each soul gains each time and every time? Those souls who don’t cope might be exceptionally skilled in areas we don’t think of, or areas still unknown to us. But because the pressure is too much for them, they buckle.

The question I want to leave with each reader is, when these souls buckle, do those who don’t buckle stay unaffected, or are we all affected when someone buckles even if we don’t know about them or have never even met them?

One In The Pool Of Humans

If we are all part of the pool of humans, and one soul is not coping with the current system, then is the soul of humans not hurting? And if we recognized that we are as one, then if a minuscule part of us isn’t coping, aren’t we all thus hurting?

When one day we see that connectedness, and realize that we are indeed part of one another, then would it not be in our best interests to stop and overhaul the system: to make it so everyone can be part of a great life or a great soul, or a great pool of humans . . . to ensure that human life is in a shape where we all live together in harmony and when someone hurts, we address the cause of why that soul is hurting?

Is this not what we would want if we were to see the connectedness? The author of 10 Ways to Get More in Touch With Your Soul, states, your soul is who you truly are deep down below all the labels and titles.

I would take it so far as to say, even if there is no connectedness, why would we not want to address our system and make it so every soul wins? That no soul is ever lost and left behind, but rather, that we accommodate each soul in the system and we live as one.

But unfortunately, we cannot merely decide we want to devise such a system and then go away and devise it. Luckily, that would never work. Perhaps it would work for a while, but never on a sustained basis. Why is that? Because until we address why our system is the way it is—not being supportive to each and every soul, in that some souls “have” at the cost of other souls that “don’t have”—we can never correct it, but can only dream of correcting it. Thus, and fortunately, we have to start at the cause—look at why our system is the way it is, and then address it at that level.

If we don’t, then our plan would merely be a quick fix—a treating of the symptoms. And before we knew it, we would be back to where it is now, where we don’t have a system conducive to all souls thriving. So there is only one absolute remedy, and that is to look at why the pool of humans is the way it is. Only then do we stand a chance to correct it with sustained results.

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