The Relationship With Yourself
Sets The Tone For Your Life

Set The Tone For Your Life Meaning Today


What does it entail to set the tone for your life meaning?

When we look closely at how we live our lives, we notice two things.

We live as a product of our circumstances, or we manifest our meaning.

Your Life Meaning Missing and Driven By Circumstances

While growing up we become conscious of ourselves. The first evidence of this is when we start challenging authority in wanting things to go our way.

Our caregivers aren’t going to let this happen. According to them, they need to take care of us and need to guide us. They literally do know best. They for instance make sure we don’t get hurt, they feed us the food they eat and consider it to be good for us.

This is a basic reflection of when we become conscious of ourselves. However, the irony is we’re not consciously aware of what is transpiring, nevertheless we exhibit the signs of our conscious awakening.

Let’s observe the dynamic. Let me reflect on myself. I recall vividly, I wanted to play. My parents had their life and routine and my playing didn’t necessarily fit into their plans.

Needless to say, I became rebellious. I recall this from a young age. Everything was fine and I was oblivious, until the first time I realized that wanting to play was not to be. The same with the food I was given. I didn’t necessarily like it: I hadn’t developed my own taste yet, I was far too young, what I knew was I didn’t like the taste of the food I was given.

This added to my rebellion.

The end result was, that from their guidance I had constraints. I didn’t like or want their constraints.

This is an oversimplification of extensive introspection on my part many years later, while I was working on and uncovering my meaning.

Due to this tussle between the constraints on my life and what I would have preferred, it ended up that I was lost in the circumstances. I wasn’t living my own meaning, I was living as a product of the circumstances and me not wanting the constraints. This was of course not intentional on anyone’s part, this is just how things are mostly, as we grow up.

This begs the question, are you living your life meaning, or are you as I was for many years, living this tussle with the circumstances.


Though this is a longish video, it is well worth the time to watch. What Makes Life Meaningful: Michael Steger at TEDxCSU

Michael F. Steger is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University. He has spent more than a decade researching people’s ability to find meaning in their lives and the benefits of living a meaningful life. In his talk, he asks the question “What Makes Life Meaningful?” and will share what psychological science can tell us about the answer.

Manifesting Your Life Meaning

You have two choices. Live according to your circumstances. Or manifest your life meaning and detach yourself from the circumstances.

With the former, we feel we need to prove ourselves, we feel something is missing and we need to fill the void to remove the feeling that something is missing. Here is more on the topic: Uncovering Our Meaning and With Success Our Life Has Meaning and Our Meaning Is Missing In Crisis.

When you live manifesting your life meaning, is your chance to live your life based on who you are, and bring your meaning and values to whatever you do. A good place to start is Setting Yourself Free In 6 Steps.


It’s your choice. Live with the feeling of something feels missing – resulting from you not being present in your life.

An empowering and liberating path is to choose living your life meaning, uncovering your meaning, and then living it.

You would serve yourself well to heed this point. We do not find meaning in things outside ourselves – that is circumstantial and about filling a void. What living our meaning entails is: We find our internal meaning and values and manifest that, consequently we bring of ourselves to whatever we do.

Below is a collection of articles covering the topic to assist you in finding your life meaning.