Taking A Closer Look At: Unusual Symptoms

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: November 16, 2020

water colour portrait of woman | unusual symptoms | Peace EvolutionWe might have a gnawing feeling that something untoward is going to happen – sometimes we know the cause, sometimes we don’t. At times it causes high blood pressure and other times, nausea. Other symptoms are being excessively hot and even sweating. Or we have taut muscles. This is panic exhibited via a myriad of symptoms.

In looking at why we experience these symptoms, we look for an explanation – but do we look deep enough?

When older, we talk of hot and cold flushes. People from middle age onwards talk of middle age crises or later in life we refer to menopause.

Is the aforementioned merely focusing on symptoms, as opposed to identifying the root cause? Symptomatic events like; middle age crisis, menopause, panic attacks, nausea, being frantic; having taut muscles – occurring in both men and women – are named in an attempt to explain our discomfort.

Is there another dynamic at play though?

Let’s take a closer look at when our panic symptoms are more than at other times.

Being fragile from, for instance, changes in life, age, job, house, a relationship or even undertaking unusual activities:

Fragile from such change then some additional event comes along causing a deeper panic than it would usually have. And we’re unaware consciously that at least these two things are at play – the change – making us fragile – and an additional event – causing unusual symptoms.

With an underlying change and such secondary and smaller events, even the mere thought of a possible consequence: And it is just too much for us, causing havoc. Like hot sweats or any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

What do we do when this happens and we’re not ready yet to take up a life awareness course?

Acknowledge that there are possibly at least two things at play – an undercurrent based on a major change – and another minor event – with both these being deep-seated in possible consequences.

Acknowledge further that usually neither would affect us if they occurred on their own.

Acknowledge further that combined their impact on us is bigger and more severe.

Acknowledge further that our organisms work at blinding speed and we’re mostly unaware of the dynamics at play.

Acknowledge further that until we’re able to see and interject in how our organisms work, at the least we’d want to be able to influence how we process the events that occur in our lives.

Acknowledge further that this is new territory and like with anything new there are many unknowns.

Acknowledge further that the possibility exists that we create how we process events.

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