Taking A Closer Look At: Setting Yourself Free In 6 Steps

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: November 16, 2020

water colour portrait of woman | setting yourself free | Peace EvolutionThis is about setting yourself free from the influence of circumstances.

Our lives then become specific to us and not incidental. We then steer our lives where we’d like to go and not incidental to the circumstances we encounter.

There are vital points though.

When we steer our lives free of the circumstances, it manifests our inner peace. Our lives are based on us being okay. Our lives are based on not needing anything else first to be okay. Thus we’re okay with ourselves no matter what, unconditionally.

To free ourselves from our circumstances, thereby manifesting inner peace, we need to see why the converse exists in our lives.

Seeing why we do not have inner peace, gives us the tools to shift.

Where do we shift to?

To live your life with meaning and value! This is setting yourself free.

Once we see why we live without continuous inner peace we’re also able to see what our chosen life is: Where we live our meaning and values.

Most of us are not aware of the dynamics taking place in our lives.

For instance, the dynamics of circumstances driving our lives; looking externally to be okay within ourselves; what our life is about; why we get angry, irritated, and frustrated.

To uncover these dynamics and to shift our lives so we live our lives from our meaning and our values, what are we to do?

Firstly, acknowledge that you want to commence on the journey of setting yourself FREE even though you do not know how to set yourself free, and even though you might not understand the dynamics.

Secondly, follow the 6 steps below, required to uncover your essence and live from your meaning and values.

Step 1: Your Talents

We each have several talents. Some talents we’ve even forgotten about or feel are negligible and not worth pursuing. This is not the case!

Our talents are important ingredients in our lives.

Our talents define us.

Our meaningful lives are identified and determined from our talents and our experiences amongst other things.

Therefore it is important that you know what your talents are. They are part of setting yourself free.

By knowing your talents intimately, you’re in a position to demystify your life of living with meaning. Without knowing your talents you don’t have a platform to start with.

To lay the platform for your life you start by exposing your talents to yourself.

Step 2: Your Temperament

Your temperament is another vital ingredient.

Your temperament forms part of the basis of your individual uniqueness.

See your temperament as the flavouring and colouring you add when doing something.

Your temperament encapsulates your natural predisposition. This reflects your personality.

When doing a task or a project, your temperament is the personal colouring or flavouring you add.

Another part of setting yourself free.


Step 3: Your Dreams (not the sleep kind) and Daydreams

Our dreams (not the sleep kind) and our daydreams reveal what we’d rather have or do.

When we recognize that what we’re doing or where we find ourselves isn’t where we want to be or what we want to do, physically or emotionally, we project that to ourselves via our dreams and daydreams. In most cases, we’re not aware of this eventuality. We do this subconsciously. Via our dreams and daydreams. In some cases even our sleep dreams.

There is, unfortunately, a misunderstanding during this revealing. Knowing about this misunderstanding is another step in setting yourself free.

We reveal this from our current reference framework. This is based on what we know.

Subconsciously, we are more than our frame of reference. Much more.

From my own findings and from the findings of those I’ve facilitated, our frame of reference is merely the tip of the iceberg. What is known to us only subconsciously until we unlock our subconscious, is a whole different world. When we dream and daydream, we expose our subconscious world, but because we’re not consciously aware of what we expose, it is lost in translation.

During this step, you expose your subconscious world.

Thus there is an unknown side to you that you’ve never met. Oh, albeit that you might have had glimpses of here and there, there is a slumbering giant inside you, that you’ve never met consciously, not completely. Setting yourself free lets you, the inner giant, manifest.

A side of you that you’ve kept locked away, due to trying to disprove that your Factor-x exists. Thus the real you is unknown to you. More on this in the next step.

The real you is showing to you, via your dreaming (again not necessarily the sleep kind) that you’d rather be somewhere else, in another state of being, physically or emotionally.

The unfortunate part is thus you’re unable to understand the essence of your dreaming. In my case, it eluded me for many years. See Daydreams: Misinterpretation and Undercurrent.

To understand the undercurrent of your dreaming you need to somehow get beyond your reference framework.

The aforementioned dreams and daydreams form part of the basis of your individual uniqueness. Your uniqueness is encompassed when setting yourself free.

Who you are, is locked away in the undercurrent of your dreaming.

The undercurrent exposes your meaning, thus exposes who you are!

Thus you’re enabled to stop looking for meaning externally in things and valuables and bling.

You transition to living your meaning, thereby manifesting the value yet unknown to you, albeit exposed in your dreaming; thereby you manifest who you are. Thereby setting yourself free.

As you transition to your life of meaning, you gain further vital experience due to uncovering your meaning, and from the joys and hurdles and heartaches, you encounter and overcome along the way—from day one!

Step 4: Your misguided and untrue belief (your own distinct Factor-x)

During the course of this step, you get to know yourself from a different stance. Here you explore what disables you from being yourself. Thus knowing this enables you to live a free life, filled with peacefulness.

Based on your belief, generally speaking, one of feeling inferior, and because you don’t like the belief, which by the way isn’t true, you actually live to disprove the belief. Thus you’re not living naturally as your life was intended and setting yourself free.

Again, generally speaking, we feel inferior, and we feel compelled to disprove this.

See Factor-x and How It Comes About – this is your disabler!

  1. The behaviour cuts both ways. Where we do what we’d rather not do and then don’t do what we’d rather do. All to disprove that our Factor-x exists.

When whatever we want to do or not do makes us think of the possible consequences when deemed unfavourable, thus we need to expose our feeling inferior, due to the failure portrayed by the possible consequences, we steer away from such actions or thoughts.

We only attempt things where the possible consequences are favourable. Irrespective of whether we’re doing things we’d rather not do, or steering clear of things we’d rather do.

Liken this to a ship. Albeit safest in the harbour, not what the ship was intended for.

Consider this!

We might want to do something. Anything, something important. And it might even be unimportant and fleeting. The moment we consider unfavourable possible consequences we do not do it.

We’d rather not do the something. Again we consider the possible consequences. When they aren’t favourable we do what we actually don’t want to do.

Does this sound familiar?

Is this how you give up on yourself? Has the time come of setting yourself free?

You need not!

Are you thus living with and from meaning and your values?

In 7 Ways to Set Yourself Free, the author asks: So why do so many of us feel so trapped? Why are we settling for lives measured in units of busyness and defined by who has the most stuff?

Step 5: Your Vision

Once you’ve uncovered the above you have a greater understanding and knowledge.

Armed with a new view of yourself, you craft your vision for the rest of your life.

Your vision entails uncovering who you are, the demystified version of yourself.

It is your direction in any situation.

Your vision reflects you: who you are and not what you aspire to be.

From the previous steps, you would have found your meaning, your inner meaning.

Your vision states the manifestation of you via your meaning. Your days of looking for meaning in external things or deeds or bling are over.

Your vision states what you create, automatically, from your meaning.

This is your value which you put forth with whatever you do.

Your vision deals with three points:

Your meaning!
What you create!
What value your creation results in.

With this step, you declare your vision to yourself!

Step 6: Begin Living Your Life Of Meaning

During the last step of this uncovering journey, look at possible ways of rolling your findings into living your meaning, including ways of making a living from who you are, as opposed to making a living merely to survive.

It is important to understand while reading this; you might not understand the concept or the details of this step yet but know this: At this step of your journey, you have the understanding and you are able to gauge and see the difference. You have brought your subconscious to the fore. You are setting yourself free.

There is a whole world between making a living from what your life is about as opposed to making a living merely to survive.

This step assists and guides you to see the beginning of living your life vision

Are you ready to embark on your self-uncovering journey? Ready to embark on setting yourself free?


The above process varies from person to person and takes from a few months to a year or two, or a decade. There is no set time or how long this would or should take, and no right or wrong, you are unique.

With each step, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of setting yourself free.

Each step flows into the next step until you’re ready to begin living your life’s vision.

After acknowledging that we want to free ourselves, even though we don’t know how, and thereby uncovering our chosen life of meaning – which enables us to live with meaning – to live with inner peace – as seen what that entails, after reading the above Setting Yourself Free In 6 Steps.

Thereby not only attaining and manifesting your inner peace you are also setting yourself free to uncover and live your self-chosen and meaningful life.

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