Wondering What Your Life Is About?

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: November 16, 2020

water colour portrait of woman | what your life is about | Peace EvolutionI often wondered what my life was about. I had no idea why.

Do you wonder what your life is about?

For a period of five years, I started each day with thoughts of what my life meant.

It went like this.

I’d get up and contemplate while getting ready for the day what it all means. The getting up; the getting ready; the going through the day: Doing things not to be bored.

Do You Wonder What Your Life Is About?

Though I had a rewarding job that suited my temperament and made a good living, it felt as if something was missing.

I did not know why I wondered about it.

I lived a regular life. Well, my own version of regular.

But it was not enough. I felt something was missing. I had no idea what was missing – knew even less why I wondered about it.

Looking back, I’m happy I did wonder. I’d have lived an unrewarding and empty life had I not had those thoughts and especially had I not acted on them.

Strangely when my father passed away I felt I had no excuses anymore to live my life. The thing is I didn’t know what living my life meant.

Now I do. Thanks to my wondering, I embarked on a journey to find out about myself.

Back then I frequented the library. I read many books, taking out several at a time, and buying others from book stores.

The reading was fascinating. But, I didn’t get what I was looking for. I went for several types of therapy too. Nothing helped.

In Taking A Closer Look At: Setting Yourself Free In 6 Steps, I break down my process into 6 steps. This video, What Makes Life Meaningful, discusses the importance of living with meaning, and that it is a life and death matter – well worth watching.

Discover What Your Life Is About

I was looking for something else. Unbeknown to me consciously at the time: My temperament steered me to look for causes, to address things at the core. I was not attracted by treating the symptoms.

Eventually, I found the origin of why I was wondering about my life.

The essence of it was that I had made decisions and choices – my whole life – based on what circumstances presented to me. My responses to the circumstances were based on playing it safe, based on not wanting to fail. Thus circumstances and the possible consequences of my decisions formed my life.

What I wanted with my life was not part of my decisions. Thus what was missing in my life was me. My choices and decisions of what I wanted were not part of the equation at all, anywhere. I was in fact absent in my life. I thus found the root cause of wondering what my life was about. 

During the aforementioned journey that I embarked on, I uncovered this and other things too, and why I wasn’t present in my life. You are also able to discover what your life is about. The feeling that someth8ng is missing is displaced when you live your life from your meaning and values.

If you feel as I used to and want to change that, and want assistance, contact me to discuss your options.


In the above video, you see it is safe to be true to yourself. Start today, discover what your life is about.

During this introspection, and if you embark on such a journey, not only do you uncover and see first hand what your life is about, what your meaning is, and what your values are – you realize these already exist within you, there is no need to learn new tricks, your meaning and values just need to be uncovered and unlocked – your life journey starts and you bring your inner meaning and you stop looking for meaning in external things.

On such a journey, you realize external things don’t define you, they are merely a means to an end. Your perspective changes. Your life journey shifts from looking externally to living from inner peace, and manifesting your meaning and values.

Such a journey also enables you to uncover what you like doing and to make money from liking what you do. The journey is not trivial, not easy, though worth every step of the way and you stop wondering what your life is about.

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