Online Teaching Jobs Preferably Liking What You Do

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: October 26, 2020

This is a look at online teaching jobs, alternative careers for teachers, and alternative jobs for teachers. What follows caters amongst others, for online English teachers, high school teaching and includes teaching human resources.

Liking What You Do

When you look for online teaching jobs you do the work that is required by the hiring organization.

What about looking at this differently, where instead of looking for online teaching jobs, you decide to earn from liking what you do? For instance, when you start a business you get to choose the specialty, and you get to seek out liking what you do. Below we present where you decide and wrap your specialty with remote training as a way of earning from liking what you do.

Worth repeating, a specific alternative path covered in this article is to create suitable unique remote training.

Let’s take a look at you as a teacher using your talents, skills, and temperament and wrapping those into your own unique remote training course based on your teaching and specialty.

The end result is you are able to make a difference by teaching on a smaller or larger scale by starting your own small business based on remote training.

By going with remote training, you opt to become a small business owner who teaches from home and teaches online.

The first step is that you explore what your specialty remote training course would be about.


Introducing: Online Teaching Jobs Preferably Liking What You Do

Whether you are looking for a new career as a former teacher or looking for a second career for teachers or looking for a high school teaching position or looking for online teaching jobs? If any of these describe your current position, let’s take a look at creating unique remote training to see if this would work for you?

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What Does Remote Training Have To Do With Online Teaching Jobs?

  • Is remote training linked to art teacher jobs, is there a link?
  • Do remote training and high school teaching jobs have anything in common?
  • Do remote training and school teacher jobs have anything in common?
  • How is remote training linked to “substitute teacher jobs near me?”
  • What about teaching human resources and school administration functions.
  • How is remote training linked to life coaches’ positions?
  • Is remote training linked to online teaching jobs?
  • How is remote training linked to online English teaching jobs?
  • How is remote training linked to substitute teacher jobs?
  • Are teacher job networks related to remote training?
  • Whether in an assistant teacher position or as online teachers, does your teaching experience open remote training opportunities?

The above points questions what teaching in general and online teaching jobs specifically have to do with remote training.

Scenario 1: Do you as a teacher have a specialty, and by providing remote training you create a further outlet for your specialty and a new income stream?

Scenario 2: Are you looking for other careers for teachers? Why not combine the two, second careers for teachers with starting a small business by providing remote training? Yes, initially you would be working harder and longer hours and the income would be slow, while you’re establishing your small business.

In the next section, we look at what course you would wrap into remote training to expand your teacher and training capabilities.

Though you may not have considered this before now, would remote training be a way to expand your teaching capabilities and in addition, enable you to work from home online? Remote training is such an option – would creating a remote training course interest you?

Or in this way by offering remote training you package your specialty into your working from home company? Would remote training be a way of replacing “having online teaching jobs?”

You may not have considered this option before now. Such a remote training course is an alternative to online teaching jobs, with a difference though, where your specialty is preferably based on liking what you do.

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When You Dig Deep, As Teacher Or Even Not, What Are You An Expert In?

 As a teacher, you have certain expertise and a specialty.

Have you ever considered starting your own small business based on your expertise and specialty?

When looking at your specialty, you may at first not consider you being able to develop your specialty into a remote training course.

Let’s take your specialty a step further by writing a list of the lessons for your course. The outcome may surprise you. You may have a remote training course looking for nurturing.

What name would you use for your remote training course? Use your creativity to name your course in a way that suits your personality.

Base your course on what you like doing, incorporate your expertise, your talents, your strengths as a teacher, and your personality.

Whether you are a teacher looking for online teaching jobs or substitute teaching jobs, or a high school teaching job, and might never have thought of presenting your specialty via a remote training course, remember this opportunity does exist. For all you know, this might be a way for you to establish a small business based on your teaching specialty.

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Does Your Expertise Lend Itself To Providing Online Remote Training?

Let’s look at possible examples to apply your teaching and mentoring to your remote training.

  • You have a specialty and your teaching technique is unusual and novel.
  • You are an art teacher and asking whether there are “Art teacher jobs near me?”
  • You play the piano or the guitar, and you’re a teacher, is this something to explore?
  • You’re looking at English teacher jobs or math teacher jobs.
  • You enjoy playing the piano and looking for music teacher jobs.
  • You are looking for teaching assistant jobs.
  • You are asking about “Teaching jobs near me?” or “Teaching assistant jobs near me?”

The aforementioned list is merely the tip of the iceberg. Do any of these or other thoughts pique your interest or remind you of your specialty?

Keeping in mind, with remote training courses, your student is reachable anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at these options of possible approaches to remote training.

Option 1:
You create a digital online remote training course enabling students to follow a curriculum. Not only are you providing a service to a larger audience you are also able to make a living from this on a fulltime basis.

Option 2:
You provide remote training to your students individually, using Zoom, Teams, Skype, or Google Meet.

Here is a high-level summary of Mega Comparison: Zoom vs Skype vs Microsoft Teams vs Google Meet vs Google Duo vs Messenger Rooms. This article covers a wide variety of conferencing tools, a mega comparison. Keep in mind this is merely the ice-breaker for your research in finding your favorite video conferencing tool. I’m certain your preference would change either for quality or costs. 

Option 3:
Extend option 2 from individual students to remote training of groups. If your temperament is such that you are able to orchestrate and manage a group of students, then this option would work.

Option 4:
By combining option 1, digital remote training with the conferencing tools mentioned in option 2, you have further choices. You would be able to mentor one student at a time using the conferencing tools. And, maybe your temperament creates the possibility for training groups of your students.

Which of the above options suits your skills, temperament, expertise, and specialty? Are you able to provide a digital remote training course? Another option is that your remote training course is one-on-one with your students? Are your specialty and temperament suited to training groups of students?

The options to create your unique remote training course enables you to work remotely. Would you want to create your own small business – and, maybe even grow it into a bigger business. Your own remote training course, based on your specialty would possibly lend itself to an international audience.

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What Would Your Remote Training Course Be About?

Based on what you observe in the above point, what would your remote training course offer?

If you are lucky or have previously considered your own business, you may know exactly what remote training course you would offer.

Having daydreams and doubts all at the same time is to be expected. How would you proceed with setting up your business?

Do you have the financial resources to start your remote training course? Would you need a loan to fund your remote training course activities? Do you have collateral as security for a loan? What about promoting your new remote training online small business?

Having doubts and being overwhelmed is understandable. Consider the doubts and the daydreaming, at some point, the dust should settle. With a little nurturing, your own small online business is born.

By daydreaming about your remote training course and new small business is free. When the daydreaming gets exciting, remember when reality sets in, it’s a different story. You come crashing down with the reality of actually taking the steps required to implement what you have to offer. Do not let this stop you – merely be aware of the likelihood of daydreaming and reality being on opposing sides.

Daydreaming helps to explore aspects of your remote training course. This is an invigorating and liberating exercise. What topics or subjects do you like teaching? What is your specialty, whether directly related to teaching or outside teaching?

Would wrapping what you like doing into a remote training course interest you? Either way, pursue your daydreaming and observe your thoughts and reservations.

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How Would You Design Your Remote Training Course And Lessons?

Being a teacher and being used to designing training material, I’m guessing this would be relatively easy for you.

Once you’ve decided what your remote training course would be about, the next step is the design of the course and the lessons.

What helps during the design process, is to decide on the course name and the lesson names.

For the remote training course to be of value to your students, the course name and lessons and objectives need to be clear, understandable, and attractive for people to sign up.

This is different from when as a teacher, the course and lesson requirements are provided. The training material and content does not impact on your remote training and small business viability. 

Creating your own course and lessons has a different dimension. The world-wide-web, and from an international audience perspective requires that you decide on the course name, the lesson names, and the objectives from a marketing perspective. These play a role in your new small business to have the best possible chance of success.

I use the Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer when determining names and titles. It takes patience to tweak and change the headline until the percentage score of 100% is achieved. However, it is well worth the effort and as with everything, with experience, it becomes easier and easier to get percentage scores from 70% and higher.

Each lesson’s content needs to add value to the course. Content for the sake of content won’t create the desired results. Each lesson content should speak to and satisfy the lesson objective. These two, the content and the lesson objective go hand in hand. 

Then comes the fun part, though do not underestimate your unique value proposition. This is where your temptation is high to create a spreadsheet complete with guesstimate income and expenses. An interesting idea to use for determining the price point of what to charge for your remote training online course.

What pricing plans would you offer? The options are once-off, annually, and monthly.

You may decide to extend your course by adding new lessons from time to time. This changes the complexion of your course and enables charging a monthly fee. 

What is your refund policy when students want to cancel? When someone does not want your remote training course, would you provide a money-back guarantee?

You would need to decide on how you would want to receive payment for your course. Would you prefer payments to be manual or automatic?

Designing your remote training course and lessons, from objective to the names is both tricky and fun at the same time. Do this carefully to maximize your return on investment.

Determining price and pricing plans requires research and difficult decision making. You do not want to ask too much and price yourself out of the market, or too low that your income does not match the energy you invest in your remote training course.

Deciding on your method of receiving payments, your cancellation and refund policy adds a further dimension. Each of the aforementioned is part of wrapping your remote training course into a small business.

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Are You Able To Write Your Unique Remote Training Course Content?

After the overall design and deciding the name of your course, the names of the course lessons, the course, and lesson objectives, the content writing starts.

These are scenarios for writing the content:

  • Being A Teacher Are You Able To Write The Course Content?

Being a teacher and if writing falls within your temperament or if your funds are tight, then writing your remote training course content is in good hands. The best is to follow a writing schedule. Your writing skills would come in handy when writing your course objectives and your course lessons.

To ensure clarity ask someone to read the content you write and ask for their open and honest feedback. If you’re not already using writing tools, here is a free tool: Grammarly for Chrome or for Firefox, or Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant.

Maybe your specialty is highly technical, in which case writing the lessons would need to be done carefully and accurately. With burning lots of midnight oil to research the topic as part of your lesson writing. The course, objectives, and lessons need to clearly and accurately convey their intended objective.

Ask someone to be an extra pair of eyes to ensure clarity and accuracy.

  • Would You Prefer Using An SEO Copywriter?

If for whatever reason you decide you are unable to write your own content, fortunately, freelance writers are just at hand, like with Upwork and Freelancer where you are able to find the person suitable to write your lessons.

Their costs vary from a low cost per 100 words to a high cost per hour. This is a choice you would be faced with. Each freelancer comes with their own experience level and this is reflected in the content quality.

With the necessary care, and by providing a small project for an evaluation at a small cost provides you with invaluable experience of working with the freelancer, and of course to see the quality of their writing. Ensure you interview freelancers until you find the one suitable for your content.

As a teacher, you have options when it comes to writing your remote training course content. With your writing skills, you would be well suited to the remote training course content writing.

One such option is writing the content yourself, even though your specialty may be highly technical.

The other option is to make use of freelance writers. When going this route, take your time to decide on a quality writer – do not necessarily go with the lowest priced writer.

The course design, objective, and lessons combined is the showcase of your course and plays a significant role in its success. To ensure you hit the sweet spot with the content, ask someone or a few people for their open and honest inputs.

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Teaching jobs are varied and the teaching profession plays a significant role while imparting knowledge. Teaching is definitely instrumental in providing much-needed knowledge transfer and tutoring.

When wrapping your specialty, temperament, talents, and skills into a remote training course and start your own small business brings with it several intangibles. Like, you are able to decide your teaching style, you are able to work from home, you have the ability to decide the number of students you teach, mentor, and guide.

And as a bonus, you are able to wrap your specialty and your remote training course into your own small business.

If you decide on providing a digital remote training course, let us guide and assist you. Here we present the offerings and pricing of our Health and Lifestyle Universities.

You may not have considered this before now.

In summary, as one option, you are able to teach in a conventional teaching position or in any of the specialty schools, or training or learning institutions, or even work for an institution that already provides remote training as part of the curriculum.

As a different option altogether, you are also able to provide remote training from home, in your own small business, where you apply your talent, skills, temperament, and specialty in a way that you like teaching. Your remote training course would be teaching onlineand based on liking what you do.

Keeping in mind your small business is in some form a school and requires human resources and school administration functions. These need to be done diligently or your small business would run into problems. Notwithstanding, you are in a position to tailor this to be done using your talents and temperament.

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