Jobs From Home Preferably Liking What You Do

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: October 26, 2020

We daydream about living a certain lifestyle. Some such lifestyles are extravagant and some are modest and are about living humbly.

In my daydreams, my lifestyle is about liking what I do. Taking that a step further, I want to earn a living from liking what I do. See here what I write about Are You Really Doing With Your Life What You’d Like To Be Doing?

Liking What You Do

When you look for jobs from home, you do the work that is required by the hiring organization.

What about looking at this differently, where instead of looking for jobs from home, you decide and seek out to earn from liking what you do? For instance, when you start a business you get to choose the specialty, and you get to seek out liking what you do. Below we present where you decide and wrap your specialty with remote training as a way of earning from liking what you do.

Back to you looking for jobs from home!

I see this as two main scenarios. One is to find a job with a hiring company so you’re able to work from home. Another scenario – what this article is about – is to dig a little into your preferences, talents, temperament, expertise, and based on your specialty create your own job to work from home.

This is easier said than done.


Introducing Jobs From Home Preferably Liking What You Do

Everyone yearns to be financially independent. Very few get this right.

Entrepreneurs are approximately at a ratio of 1 entrepreneur for every 100 people. When you ask them how they managed to become successful, guaranteed they are going to tell you, it took lots of unsuccessful attempts. Another thing is that they learn from failures. That is the main difference between someone taking the safe route, and one who is going for what they like doing.

This is where you need to draw a line in the sand. Is this offering legitimate, or a scam? Research each of the business ideas that sound interesting before starting any remote companies. Each offering is either genuine or a way of scamming the participant.

And when you find something promising financial independence, you need to guard against it being too good to be true and invariably turning out to be a scam.

Remote training falls within the points below, however, you instead create your own way of making money, and it’s up to you to determine if the remote training scenario is real, legitimate and whether it’s for you:

  • legit work from home jobs
  • legitimate work from home jobs
  • real work from home jobs
  • genuine work from home jobs

Each of the above is about seeking jobs from home opportunities, and as mentioned, let’s look at what we do to make money, and whether we like what we do to make money?

I put another scenario before you. If you prefer following a path of looking for jobs from home, then that choice is yours and goes without saying and though you need no one’s blessing, you have my blessing

Let’s explore another scenario, where you work for yourself, based on your own creativity and where you like what you are doing.

In the main, we all have two choices, looking to work remotely, at job postings, and job listings to find online and remote jobs with companies that hire us to work for them, or we find our specialty and work for ourselves.

Though this is the case, it is easier said than done.

When we let our minds go and we daydream, it is possible to find your specialty. Once you have your specialty, you are able to take the next step. You create a small business.

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Creativity: Inspire Yourself To Do Your Own Thing, Liking What You Do

Let’s step away for a moment from the best work from home jobs and genuine work from home jobs.

If you are able to choose whatever your heart desires, ask this as the very first question: Is what your heart desires something you would like doing? If not, dig a little deeper. Daydream on the topic.

Inspire yourself by letting your mind go, relax, and daydream.

Tap into your artistic inspiration, look for innovation within what you already like doing.

If you have a blockage, contemplate your hobbies? What are you passionate about?

Don’t think first and foremost at the potential earnings from what you like doing. How to earn from it comes as a later step. In fact, at the outset, do not have any financial expectations about liking what you do – again, this comes later.

Look at your experience, your expertise, your talents, your personality, and temperament, Do you have a specialty?

It is not the easiest thing to find what we like doing. I was fortunate to find what I like doing. Part of the journey to find what I liked doing was to look at my work career.

Nevertheless, this is not impossible, and you might be lucky to already know what you like doing.

Once you know what you like doing, the next step is to look at what your specialty is.

Whatever you are looking for related to jobs from home, and work from home opportunities, these are only one aspect of working from home. There is another side too, would you consider working for yourself based on your specialty? For all you know, this may be a way for you to establish a small business based on your specialty.

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Combine Liking What You Do With Working For The Hiring Company

While you establish a small business, you find a conventional job working from home. And this may even be as a second job working from home to earn extra money.

Why not combine these with starting a small business based on your specialty? Meaning you earn from jobs working from home on a computer or doing online work from home – while in tandem you create a small business.

This is tough, like with part-time studying. However, this is the only way to get ahead and to become home-based, self-sufficient, and independent.

Doing either one is tough, combining these are tougher, and you would get to the point several times, where you would want to stop. This is to be expected.

To get ahead, you may need to find genuine work from home jobs, work in those even while having a full-time job. And on top of that start a small business.

Though doing this is a tall order, it is not impossible, you have the capability. Rest assured you would want to stop along the way and give up. This is all-absorbing, overwhelming, and daunting.

Notwithstanding, you have it in you to venture along this journey.

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Work For Yourself, Start Your Own Business

An alternative to looking for legit work from home jobs, or finding online work from home, even more directly, looking for work from home ideas, there is the possibility to work for yourself in a small business you start.

This is not easy though. You have input costs when creating a business. Followed by monthly costs once the business is a running concern.

If these costs are not watched from the very first day, a small business would have a tough time surviving. Be on the lookout for articles about these topics (SEO WordPress Websites or LearnDash Setup and Configuration) for information about money aspects of a small business.

Now that the money matters are touched on let’s move to being creative.

Working for yourself is about discovering creativity everywhere, every day. You would face continuous obstacles. Some would be fun to navigate, others may be daunting and would be too hard to navigate and you would want to give up or at least question what you have done when you decided to start a small business and now you’re working for yourself.

However, with each hurdle, you would notice a particular pattern. The hurdle arrives, you don’t notice it at first, what you do notice is that something doesn’t feel right. You’re unable to pinpoint the cause, then it dawns on you what caused the discomfort. After addressing the hurdle face on, it becomes clear that the solution came from some creativity and courage you mustered

Eventually, the awkwardness and overwhelming parts of problem-solving loses its sting. For a simple reason, over time you become confident and know there is a solution to every hurdle, and when you apply yourself to address the root cause, you notice the solution is not far away.

Working for yourself in a small business isn’t always easy. It requires patience and courage and as your confidence grows, and you release your creativity, it becomes easier and also fun, liberating, and empowering.

You have several responsibilities when owning a small business. These are outweighed by the rewards. These are part and parcel of owning a small business.

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Focus On What You Like Doing

Business ideas are numerous, and some would sound easy with the potential of earning a fortune, whereas others would sound like hard work only with nothing to gain.

Starting a small business only for the sake of money is a recipe that might not suit you. 

Why not instead focus on what you like doing, combining your talents, temperament, expertise, and looking at what your specialty is.

Once you find your specialty and what you like doing, as the very first step, then look at further steps.

Focusing on jobs where you can work from home or online work from home jobs, is merely focusing on making money.

Yes, focusing on making money is important, rest assured daydreaming does not pay the bills. As mentioned above to start a small business is thus at first glance impossible! Unless you are willing to approach things differently. For instance as with Short Game vs Long Game, or when you decide on a strategy to achieve something and intertwine tactical steps to implement certain tasks of the strategy.

In this case, your short plays or tactical steps are you looking for work from home opportunities or genuine work from home jobs. These finance your long play or strategic direction – to start a small business. In this way, you combine the two with the one being the enabler for the second.

As mentioned, finding what you like doing, and what your specialty is, then becomes the basis for starting a business.

Use jobs from home and online work from home as your means to an end. The short plays enable the long play.

You achieve your long-term goals by taking shorter tactical steps. In this case, it is that you start a small business, and as the basis of your business, is your specialty, which in turn is based on what you like doing.

Looking at this differently, instead of working to make money, you instead make money based on what you like doing.

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Consider Remote Training As An Avenue

Let’s look at remote training. Firstly, see remote training as a vehicle to start a small business and the strategic journey, with jobs from home as the tactical steps or short plays.

When considering these short term goals, consider their contribution to your long term goal or strategy, that of starting a small business:

  • Find online jobs work from home – short play and tactical.
  • Remote work from home jobs – short play and tactical.
  • Remote working jobs – short play and tactical.
  • Or work from home jobs near me  – short play and tactical.
  • Or best work from home jobs – short play and tactical.
  • Or jobs from home – short play and tactical.
  • Or customer service and call center, remote working jobs – short play and tactical.
  • Or data entry and remote workers – short play and tactical.

Each of the above covers the short plays and tactical steps. You would need to combine these with the long play or strategic journey to start a small business.

If you have the courage for this venture is a difficult question.

The short and long plays prepare you to navigate difficult steps. Thus you are conscious of what you are doing and thereby it eases your steps along the journey.

This is liberating and empowering, and in my own case, I see this creates the requisite endurance when things are tight and overwhelming.

Onward to the interesting and creative point. Would you consider providing remote training wrapped by your small business that is based and founded on your specialty?

Your understanding of the short and long plays and the tactical and strategic steps are liberating and empowering.

When you encounter hurdles along the way you would have the endurance to withstand them, because of your understanding of these concepts.

With this understanding, it is easier to start a small business.

At the base of starting a small business is the specialty remote training you provide.

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Inspire yourself to do your own thing. We yearn to start a small business and for a life based on simpler things. Based on the things we like doing.

Intertwining online work from home and finding remote jobs with remote training is a sound basis to start a small business. When you find your specialty and wrap remote training around it, combined with your talents, skills, personality, and temperament you have the makings and foundation of your specialty remote training business.

These require that you are sincere, open, honest, and clear with yourself. This might not be for you. However, if this is for you, rest assured the risks are many. The rewards are liberating and empowering.

Read more here LearnDash Setup and Configuration on the topics in this series.

Keep in mind you have several options. One option is to pursue real work from home jobs or other jobs from home, and stop there.

The next option is to start a small business wrapping your remote training based on your specialty and stop there. Another option is that you combine the two options. The one option enables the other option. These options are intertwined with creating a small business.

When you start a business you get to choose the specialty, and you get to seek out liking what you do. Above we presented where you decide and wrap your specialty with remote training as a way of earning from liking what you do.

There is no right or wrong option. Each option has its merits. Do not beat yourself up if you decide against starting a small business wrapping your remote training with your specialty as its foundation.

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