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Published: October 28, 2020

When we as business owners and entrepreneurs first decide we want a website presence, there are several points to contemplate.


Introducing SEO WordPress Partner


First, there is the learning curve, then there are the considerations of doing it ourselves, or do we get the services of freelancers, or do we enlist the assistance of a website development service provider.

digital devices on desk networked 300x165 1 | wordpress partner | Peace EvolutionThese are merely some of the thoughts. We would need to consider the costs and our budget. As we contemplate further, we are flooded with thoughts of what content we place on the website, what should the website structure be and what should the look and feel of the website be?

Another scenario is, what if we started developing our own website and have run out of steam, and maybe what we’ve already developed is not working and it’s taking up too much of our time. Or we have developed parts of the website, and we are stuck and do not know the way forward, what now?

Now, how do we get people interested in visiting our website? What about the learning curve, to attract visitors? Should we attract visitors by paying the search engines to bring potential clients based on their searches? Do we have a budget for such paid searches? Or do we write content that brings visitors organically?

Where we want to provide remote training course(s) for our product(s) or service(s) we would have another learning curve that requires additional time.

With the aforementioned points, we are merely scratching the surface when wanting a modern website presence. Each has its own learning curve, costs, and time implications. And without a website, the assets of your business, your products, ideas, and concepts are not fully unlocked.

Fortunately, SEO WordPress Partner was in exactly this same boat. We journeyed and navigated these decisions and hurdles. We have the experience and we’re able to assist you through our offerings which include the following services:


What do we as business owners and entrepreneurs do when faced with all these choices, and limited budget when we want a website for our business? We might even have started to develop our own website and got stuck or have run out of steam? Do we endeavor further or do we enlist the assistance of an SEO WordPress Partner?

SEO WordPress Websites


digital face with background code 300x189 1 | wordpress partner | Peace EvolutionOur online website presence is the shopfront for our business.

To create such a presence we, as business owners and entrepreneurs have several options available to us, in a price range from just about zero to a hefty price tag.

The time it takes to make an online website varies from developing a website almost overnight to months, and in some cases, the development never stops.

Would it be helpful to have your website developed within your monthly budget?

Would it be helpful that with each step, and each feature your business is extended while ticking several checkboxes?

Checkboxes like these:

  • The website is fully mobile-friendly and fully mobile responsive from the first day.
  • The website is laid on a sound foundation and is extensible and is easy to evolve with your business as it grows, with new features being added and as your visitor volumes grow.
  • What we need is a website presence that ticks the important checkboxes.
  • Where you are NOT locked into a contract with your WordPress partner, especially for when you want to get out of your arrangement. With SEO WordPress Partner, there is no locking in, and no contract from the outset.
  • Where your monthly budget is adjustable and flexible.
  • Where you do not need to pay until you are satisfied with the work.

Where the payments are secured for yourself and for SEO WordPress Partner, via a renowned  Escrow Provider: What Is Escrow?

We have the experience to develop a website that is SEO based, is mobile-friendly, and caters fully to mobile responsiveness. Our websites are extensible as your business and requirements grow. Should you enlist the assistance of an SEO WordPress Partner? Do you want to be locked in, or stay with your WordPress partner due to the service levels and do not need to pay until you’re satisfied with the work?

SEO and SEM Copywriting


For our online business to be successful, especially when we rely on organic traffic for the source of our visitors – meaning via searches – we require content that ticks several boxes.

seo and related words 300x189 1 | wordpress partner | Peace EvolutionWhen writing content or enlisting a copywriter to write content, are we aware of which checkboxes need to be ticked (see below). When we write for the sake of having content on our website, we are not unlocking our content assets to their potential.

The saying of less is more comes to mind. Do we focus on lots of content, instead of focussing on the right content, and specifically written in the right way?

Content for the sake of content is just not going to work.

What we need is content that ticks all the boxes.

When we commission content, do we know exactly who we are targeting and what we want to achieve with the content?

Content writing and publishing are part of our storefront.

Do you have existing content that does not bring traffic to your website business?

Do you require content that delivers organic traffic right to the doorstep of your online business?

Where your monthly budget is adjustable and flexible.

Where you do not need to pay until you are satisfied with the work.

Where the payments are secured for yourself and your SEO and SEM Copywriter, via a renowned Escrow Provider: What Is Escrow?


We are able to write content for your website that ticks all the boxes to draw organic traffic to your online website business. How do you decide on which options to choose from when you consider the varying costs of each option? Would you want to enlist the assistance of an experienced SEO and SEM Copywriting service?

LearnDash Service Provider


LearnDash is a best of breed LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress product.signpost learning 300x189 1 | wordpress partner | Peace Evolution

LearnDash has become the first choice for managing and orchestrating online training courses, and according to their website, used by “major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.”

We use it ourselves and found it super flexible to create online training courses, inserting quizzes to evaluate the student’s progress, awarding certificates, downloading reports, and much more!

We use the feature where the student completes work to be reviewed and marked by the trainer.

LearnDash is jam-packed with several features.

By using LearnDash you have access to the latest e-learning industry trends for creating robust learning experiences.

Side-by-side with LearnDash’s evolution an EcoSystem has evolved which includes many WordPress plugins.

Therefore its functionality is easily extended with add-ons from its established and continuously growing EcoSystem of add-on plugins.

LearnDash as a #1 choice for e-learning, though relatively easy to use, has a steep learning curve.

As a user of LearnDash ourselves, we provide these services to take the sting out of your learning curve and to successfully implement your LearnDash online training course(s).

See our Vision Income Specialty Services.

As with all our services, including our LearnDash services, you are NOT locked into a contract with us as your WordPress partner and copywriter.

When you need a remote training course that ticks all the boxes.

Where your monthly budget is adjustable and flexible.

Where you do not need to pay until you are satisfied with the work.

Where the payments are secured for yourself and your LearnDash Service Provider, via a renowned Escrow Provider: What Is Escrow?

As an entrepreneur Is remote training course(s) another income channel for your business? Is remote training course(s) the start of a new opportunity for your new or established business? How do you go about navigating the learning curve, time, and costs that such remote training course(s) require? Do you enlist the assistance of an experienced LearnDash service provider?



When we are in the market for a WordPress partner, SEO and SEM copywriter, or for remote training courses, are we aware of the options available to us? From the maze of options, we are able to categorize them into low-cost DIY options or higher-cost options where we work with a WordPress partner to create and evolve our website presence, our content, or remote training course/s?

The best is to start a healthy WordPress partnership for the long-haul, without any ties and without being locked in.

digital handshake | wordpress partner | Peace Evolution

You do not want to be locked in when working with a WordPress partner. And the same is the case when requiring SEO and SEM copywriting. Each of these options is fit for purpose when you balance what you know, your known and your unknown requirements for your website, copywriting, or remote courses you require, your budget, and your available time. Though the options are easy and daunting at the same time, it is best you arm yourself with knowledge and peace of mind to make informed decisions.

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