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By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

womans eye with caption | balance | Peace Evolution​It is likely that once you commence self-discovery by self-uncovering as mentioned in this material, you’ll want to run on your path at breakneck speed. In this frenetic ensuing process to make up for what you perceive as lost time, you might even neglect yourself, your health, your finances, or your daily chores. You might even overdo things and create a lopsided life, not a balanced one. This won’t do. Something will give. Rest assured there is time for everything. There is no lost time to make up. Just take an assertive pace on your newfound path while taking care of yourself—intentionally.

There might even be occasion to spend time relaxing while attending to your garden. Or spending time with your partner, just loafing, not doing anything in particular. What might not seem evident is all that has changed from before you embarked on your own life’s journey, other than the reason of why you’re doing the things you’re now doing: You’re eliminating those things you don’t like doing anymore, and you’re doing new things—the things you like doing. There is thus no reason why you can’t follow a balanced, calm and peaceful pace. Doing so will certainly ensure that you’re mostly full of energy and light of spirit.

Additional tasks might be identified. In project management, this is called scope creep. For example, a project you might be working on related to walking your journey might be extended, or have other unexpected further requirements. These additional tasks or timeline changes might create the anxiety of a task or project seemingly never reaching completion. Should this happen, remember that such anxiety doesn’t add any value to your task or project. In fact, it creates quite the opposite effect, because anxiety can create distraction that holds us back. By being aware of this, you’ll be able to maintain a balance, even while current activities, tasks or projects result in what seem like delays and thus drag out your plans. Yet keep in mind that if the supposed scope creep activities are important, you might want to attend to them instead of tossing them out. This is especially true when not ignoring them will end up requiring extra time—likely resulting in major anxiety. We’re always better off when maintaining balance and making allowances for the required extra time.

There are also activities that might go wrong, requiring backpedalling or detouring to remedy. We likely continuously live anxiously, in anticipation of things that might go wrong that’ll likely further drag out our plans. Such anticipation is unnerving, and requires a balanced approach: Otherwise, our emotions create havoc and we become counterproductive.

Usually, our Factor-x is what disturbs us emotionally. From reading this, I’m sure you can see that balance is vital for us to lead productive and emotionally stable lives—mature lives. As can be seen from what I share in this text about my own journey, as activities, tasks or projects within your life’s vision unfold, it’ll serve you to be aware of and to maintain balance.

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