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By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 28, 2020

womans eye with caption | acknowledgments | Peace Evolution​Acknowledgments go to a variety of sources.

The people I acknowledge below, albeit their support for me, should not necessarily be understood or seen as supporting my material, especially in light of the material being contrary to society’s standards and norms.

To all people who stood by me or assisted in some way during my much extended growth period and/or who assisted with developing the website, I acknowledge them as follows:

  • My ex-wife Truida Zwarts, and my children, Pierre van der Meulen, Tania van der Meulen, and Estelle le Roux, were there in the beginning and provided support when I was lost in my own wilderness.
  • Sergio Salotto stood by me, and, with his guidance, I got out of my wilderness. I cannot say for sure, but I doubt I would ever have gotten out without his guidance. And don’t think for one minute that it was easy or that I made it easy for him. Yet he persevered, and I made it out. My acquaintance with him started out professionally and then we became friends, in fact very good friends. Professionally, he is a life-awareness coach. He was the first person ever whom I considered a genuine person, something I was looking for all my life without knowing it. He is it, the real thing.
  • Coleen Lotter gave me a few good blows just to shock me back to reality.
  • Thomas Aagaard Larsen helped program the website. No one else was really up to assisting me with the programming; Thomas came through.
  • Paula Horn stood by me through thick and thin in my private life and while developing the website, and assisted with usability and functionality testing. She became a very good friend at a time when I doubted that what I had to say would be useful. Paula also designed the illustrations. Because of her intimate understanding of me and what I wanted to say, she was able to capture those things in the illustrations.
  • Sue du Randt introduced me to the spirit guides who have been there all along, guiding me along my path.

Organization Representatives

I do freelance computer work, and the company in South Africa where I work has given me great leeway regarding working hours and shorter workweeks, and allowed me to take long breaks to develop the website. It seems that no matter what, the people I report/ed to were always there for me, in particular two people: Abri de Vries and Clyde Oldham. Clyde also gave me technical assistance from time to time, always in an enthusiastic way.

Spirit Guides and Channels

Theresa Walstra introduced me to Cynthia, who I listened to with keen ears as she gave me comforting information from the spirit world and my parents, at a time when I was considering placing my savings on the line to develop the accompanying website by taking off work and thus forfeiting any income. Cynthia, as channeled by Theresa, also trained me to channel. I wasn’t really interested in the path she was on, but in a few development circle sittings, I realized I was able to communicate with the spirit world. While not interested in that specifically—I wanted to communicate directly with the spirit guides who were already in my life to create the togetherness I mentioned before—the few developmental lessons with Cynthia channeled by Theresa got me out of the blocks.

White Wolf is channeled by me, enabled originally with the guidance of Sue (living soul) and Cynthia (soul in the spirit world). White Wolf has seemingly been with me for my whole life. It seems we have rubbed off on each other, or he has rubbed off on me. Regardless, this spirit guide is awesome. Possibly all spirit guides are awesome—although I’m not sure whether they aspire to such words as “awesome”—yet this is the main spirit guide of those with which I’ve had such intimate dealings. He has certainly widened my horizons, and what I like in particular is the way he goes about communicating with me. I can add that he is a no-nonsense soul who provides me with guidance therapy for my own life as well as guidance related to providing a blueprint for inner peace. He also gives me guidance for creating togetherness among independent individual living souls,
those who have already passed away, and other souls in the spirit world.

Of late, I have come to recognize different spirit guides with White Wolf, and now refer to them collectively as White Wolf & Co. The following are all seemingly part of the group of behind-the-scenes souls who provide me with guidance.

John, the gatekeeper, appears to me as a Sumo wrestler and provides protection when we (White Wolf & Co. and I) and other souls in the spirit world communicate.

Joan appears to me as a no-nonsense teacher and provides me with planning and expediting guidance.

David appears to me as a flying male fairy and provides me with lightness of being and expediting guidance.

In the following pages, you will meet these spirits by reading their introductions as channeled and written by me. By reading their words, you will understand why their involvement in my life was and is so important, and will also know how their messages to you can help you on your journey to understanding the statements in the rest of the book.

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