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Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 28, 2020

womans eye with caption | content layout | Peace EvolutionThe following content is laid out in four main sections: Introduction, Conception, Spirit Guides and Appendices. These sections are then broken down into group-related material.

The “Introduction” section, which you are reading now, is not the typical introduction. It does introduce the book’s intent and potential for inspiration to the reader. Yet you will also meet some interesting individuals that you will meet again, both in the book and the website. For that reason, the Foreword and Preface should not be skipped, or the “About Us” section. The aforementioned parts are channeled from White Wolf & Co. by me. However, the most can be gained by reading all of the Introduction section.

From there, the Conception section follows, and is broken into four parts:
• Core Missing
• Manifesting Without Core
• Why It Is Going Awry
• Standing Up to Regain Core

This section is the crux of the book and website.

The first part, “Core Missing,” elaborates that for us to be ourselves, an important part of ourselves will need to be uncovered.

The second part, “Manifesting Without Core,” covers what is happening to us as individuals and the collective effect on our species and everything else around us as a consequence of manifesting without our core.

In what follows, “Why It Is Going Awry,” the reader observes why the dynamic of us manifesting without core came about, and why we are perpetuating it.

The fourth and final part, “Standing up To Regain Core,” looks at what it takes and the difficulties we encounter when we are regaining our core and walking our life down our own path. Thus, this section explains the difficulties that would likely arise when manifesting ourselves.

The “Spirit Guides” section is more of what I channeled from the spirit guides that guide me—White Wolf, Joan, John and David, collectively referred to as White Wolf & Co. Each spirit guide shares their contribution in support of the reader when making the journey of manifesting their self by walking his or her own path. Much can be gained from reading this section in its entirety as the spirit guides provide nuggets of wisdom.

“Afterword: Life can be Different” follows in closing and precedes the Appendices.

The Appendices contain supportive pieces that address specific dynamics described in the rest of the book.

Following the Appendices, you will find “About the Website.” This section contains information about the website, Peace Evolution (formerly Life Can Be Different), like subscription options and where possible updates to material in this book can be found. The Bibliography section follows, which covers books and a movie I found helpful during my own journey. Finally, at the end of the book you will find an expanded table of contents to aid you should you want to return to a certain section of the book.

In summary, the book and accompanying website is laid out to evolve the message to the reader in a way best read from cover to cover. Furthermore, the material is unlikely to go out of date any time soon, and since it is also intended as a reference, the reader would be well served to read and reread any piece or pieces that are of interest or that present obstacles.

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