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Published: April 8, 2021


Transcript of Anchor Read Advert Midrand Boreholes


Title: Transcript of Anchor Read Advert Midrand Boreholes
Presented by: Emmanuel van der Meulen
Date: 3 May 2017
Number of Speakers: 1
File Duration: 04:58
Transcriptionist: Jacqui Jonk

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Transcript Breakdown:
00:01 Introduction to Radio Live Green Smart.
00:50 Introduction to boreholes as well as the advantages of boreholes.
03:25 Introduction to Midrand Boreholes.

00:01 Introduction to Radio Live Green Smart:

Emmanuel: Hello and welcome, to Radio Live Green Smart and to our short borehole presentation and advert. Radio Live Green Smart is a forum to discuss green living, eco-friendly living and importantly a forum to discuss where we see disrespect for the environment first hand. Bring such disrespect to us, we’ll assist to expose such [inaudible error] environmental disrespect. Use the contact us to send the details of the respect, please make sure to provide comprehensive information. Top

00:50 Introduction to boreholes as well as the advantages of boreholes.

Introduction to boreholes: boreholes has an initial cost, the cos t covers the drilling, the encasing, the pump and piping. Boreholes are governed by [inaudible error] bylaws of the area. It’s important to research the bylaws before sinking a borehole. A large portion of water is used for garden irrigation. That means irrigating the garden at the office or at home, therefore boreholes are well suited for domestic and office use. There are direct monthly water savings which easily covers the initial cost multiple times in a short period. This is the cost of the initial outlay to sink a borehole. There are also indirect costs, like the pumping of the water to our dwelling, be it domestic or the office, all the way from the service provider. Combining all these aspects [it’s not] it’s easy to see that a borehole contributes to reducing our [to reducing to our to reducing our] carbon footprint.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of having a borehole[s]. Self-sufficiency: the water that a borehole produces is sitting dormant in the ground, making use of it means that we simply utilising an unused ground water resource. Furthermore, we save money: by drilling a borehole we tap into the water supply and cut out a large percentage of water costs. Taking it a step further by opting for filtration: we have a steady supply of drinking water. Taking the borehole, a step further: [another step further] in the short term having access to a borehole saves money and also in the long term it adds value to the property. Top

03:25 Introduction to Midrand Boreholes.

Midrand Boreholes, that’s the company, specialises in the drilling and casing of water producing boreholes. They say: we also drill holes for exploration, monitoring and investigation purposes, during which detailed logs and samples are kept for further analysis. Further they say: our drillers and their driller systems are well informed and highly experienced in addition to being passionate about their work. They say: water is life and to please contact us on 082 262 0580, Ill repeat that, 082 262 0580 or email us on [email protected] (the Midrand Boreholes is one word).

That was a short introduction to boreholes, please note where we interview or provide such adverts the content is not necessarily endorsed by Radio Live Green Smart, and now over to the music. Top

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