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Published: April 8, 2021


Transcript of Anchor Read Advert Vegan Food Fair SA


Title: Transcript of Anchor Read Advert Vegan Food Fair SA
Presented by: Emmanuel van der Meulen
Date: 8 May 2017
Number of Speakers: 1
File Duration: 05:31
Transcriptionist: Jacqui Jonk


Links are at the end of the transcript.


Transcript Breakdown:
00:01 Introduction to Radio Live Green Smart
00:55 Introduction to Veganism
02:21 Start of the advert for Vegan Food Fair SA
05:00 Wrap Up

00:01 Beginning of recorded material:


Welcome to Radio Live Green Smart. I’m Emmanuel your presenter this evening, of a short promotion on vegan food. A little bit about Radio Live Green Smart before we come to the promotion, Radio Live Green Smart is a forum to discuss green living and eco-friendly living and importantly a forum to discuss where you see disrespect for the environment first hand. Bring such disrespect to us we’ll assist to expose such environmental disrespect. Use contact us to send the details of the disrespect. Please provide comprehensive information to make it easy for us to follow up. Top

00:55 Introduction to Veganism

When looking at vegan and green, let’s look at an intuitive message with two points. The one is the average person burns around 1000 calories a day even if staying in bed, merely to power the body. It requires exponentially more resources to eat animal products. Most of what we feed to farmed animals is required to keep them alive. Much of the rest is turned into bones and other bits we don’t eat. A fraction of those crops is turned into meat, milk or eggs and so forth. Thus, we need to grow the crops required to raise the animals in order to eat the animals and their by-products, vastly more is used to eating the crops directly. In other words, by just eating the crops ourselves far less crops are required. The second point is many extra stages of polluting and energy intensive steps are required to get animal products to the table. That’s in addition to feeding the animals. Top

02:21 Start of the advert for Vegan Food Fair SA

Vegan Food Fair South Africa has a forthcoming event, and they invite you to a fun filled day out, aimed at both lifelong vegans and likeminded people. The event is on the 21st May from 09h00 in the morning til 16h00 in the afternoon. They say, join us on the 21st from 9 o clock to 16h00 at Klitsgras, drumming circle, Garsfontein Road, Pretoria. The event includes a variety of stores with authentic vegan goodies, live music and a surprise guest speaker. There are games for all ages with a focus on family and friends. Fur babies are [welk] welcome too, please just ensure you have leashes at the ready. This event is promoted via the #VeganFairPta (I’ll repeat that and presenter repeats information) and #immortalwortel which is (auditory spelling), those are the 2 hashtags used for promoting the event.

Furthermore, they say please contact Henry at 072 187 2986 or find us on Facebook under the name Vegan Food Fair South Africa. I’ll repeat that, they say contact Henry at 087 187, whoops I got to start again 082 187 2986 [incorrect details read out] or find us on Facebook under Vegan Food Fair South Africa – those are 4 words. Vegan Food Fair South Africa. Furthermore, Vegan Food Fair South Africa is looking for vegan promoters to spread the word and help end animal exploitation. If you want to help give a voice to the voiceless please get in touch.

That was a short promo for vegan food fair South Africa’s event on the 21st May from 09h00-16h00. Top

05:00 Wrap Up

Please note: where we interview, or run adverts like this promotion, the content is not necessarily endorsed by Radio Live Green Smart. I am your presenter, Emmanuel.

And now over to the music.

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