Taking A Closer Look At: Human Life

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: November 16, 2020

water colour portrait of woman | life | Peace EvolutionWe’re born. We live. We die.

Each of those phases is significant.

We’re born into a family and culture which forms us. This means if we were born into another family or culture we’d grow up and behave differently.

In brief, this implies we take on what our environment and circumstances offer.

And, consider this. We chose life for the baby – which we originally were – before we were conceived.

Let’s take a fleeting look at when we die. Depending on the life we lived, we can die surrounded by caring family and friends. Or conversely, die alone. Even die as a street person.

There is the question of what happens after we die? Briefly, a variety of beliefs declare as fact that certain specific things happen to our spirit or soul after we pass. Again thus whatever occurs is based on how we lived.

There is intangible evidence that some people are able to communicate with those that have passed. The possibility therefore exists that there is life after death: In some form or another.

Consider too, those we leave behind. Based on the way we lived we’ll play a role in their lives. We might have been an absent parent that didn’t have contact with our children and may have even not known them. Or parents leaving behind children who they were close to. We might have only been a child ourselves at death. A myriad of dynamics which existed impacts those that are left behind in varied ways.

A child, who left their parents, leaves the parents wondering why. There may be parents who left children behind who didn’t know them, and don’t know yet, that they died. Close family left behind by a parent who at first cannot accept the death.

Heartache, trauma, anger, distress, dismay, questions, disagreement: Some of the many emotions that we encounter when someone dies.

Coming to living! We live in varied ways. We make a living any way we can. Mainly, we wonder about our life, whether it is how we want to live? Whether this is how we want to make a living? Whether our life is how we want it?

What is the reason for the questions?

Is it any wonder that we have the questions if we are influenced by the family we are born into? Influenced by the culture we are born into? Influenced by how we make a living?

Ask yourself this question. Are you doing with your life what suits you? What you’d prefer to? Did you decide? Or, did everything around you influence you into how you are living. Merely because you do not know this is what is happening.

What this means is we live lives not of our own free choice and making, but rather based on how we perceive ourselves and how we process our environment and the circumstances.

What can we do if this is where we find ourselves? Questioning our lives?

How do we get out of the life we created to the life we’d prefer?

Easier said than done, though possible!

First is to stop and uncover what you’d prefer. That means, standing still long enough to look within yourself to see you as you are without the wrapping of what you’ve become.

You are there! It is possible to see that version of yourself. The one uninfluenced by the wrapping. The one wondering and questioning the wrapping; subconsciously!

This is a life journey into the yet unknown world of your subconscious. It allows for getting to know yourself beyond your imagination.

How is this done?

Acknowledge that you want to uncover yourself from within the wrapper. And accept that having taken on the wrapper is no reflection on you, merely that up until now it was an unavoidable dynamic.

Acknowledge further that even though the concept of the wrapper and the underlying person you are and want to uncover, though it seems far-fetched, even sounds a little interesting, and you might be sceptical, is something you want to pursue, even though you don’t know how.

Acknowledge further that you are not sure how to proceed, and that even if you did know you might not have the courage for the journey.

Acknowledge further that the dynamics you’re learning about here describes the case of almost every person walking planet earth.

Acknowledge further, when you are ready you can change this and start your journey.

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