Taking A Closer Look At: Does Your Brain Work For You?

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: November 16, 2020

water colour portrait of woman | brain work | Peace EvolutionDo you work for your brain?

Or does your brain work for you?

Keeping in mind your brain is a muscle and organ that can be engaged and trained to work for you. Much like an athlete or sports person trains to achieve any heights they target.

In that same way your brain can be deployed to work for you. Though it can be, we almost certainly don’t know it and thus don’t make use of it as it is capable of being used.

Why don’t we?

I’d get angry when things didn’t go my way. Thus involuntary anger would overtake me. Afterwards I’d not like that I got angry. I asked myself why anger in particular.

On closer inspection I saw the dynamics that cause the anger.

More on the anger dynamics later on…

In certain conditions I’d panic. Again, I’d wonder, why panic in particular?

What I stand for is contrary to anger and panic. In fact I stand for peacefulness. So it was easy to see I didn’t want to get angry or panic at all.

Anger and panic are merely two examples.

More on both further on…

Now to my realization.

First, I needed to realize why I’d instinctively react with anger or panic.

Second, was realizing that it was contradictory to what I stand for.

Lastly, I realised that being myself was dependant on external circumstances. For me to be myself I needed that my circumstances were just right. Else I’d get angry. I also knew I wanted to be myself no matter what. Thus no matter what circumstances handed me, I still wanted to be myself, thus conduct my life with peacefulness, no matter what!

Though it is possible see these dynamics for what they are it takes a huge amount of courage.

To recap; above I share that I’d get angry or panic and that I didn’t want to. And wondered why that happens. Because in fact what I wanted instead was to conduct myself in peacefulness.

The reason why the anger and panic surface: Is due to fear of possible consequences.

When those are considered as working out contrary to what I wanted: It reflected to me that somehow I was a lesser person. Or putting it another way I had little to no confidence in myself. And even harsher, I’d consider myself as a failure and those feelings – created the anger and the panic.

Creating those emotions are instantaneous and without any warning.
They happen like a muscle twitch.

Involuntarily and without warning and seemingly without us having a say.

Why should we behave like that? Why should we judge ourselves as lesser, inferior and the like if something works out different to how we’d want it to? That stance is nurtured and NOT in our nature.

Why don’t we instead address and shake our fear of the possible consequences? Then continue our lives and undertake the things we like doing despite the possible consequences?

Therefore: Removing the nurtured constraints from our brain.

Thereby: Allowing it to naturally work for us and NOT against us.

Imagine where that would take you! Where you’re allowing your natural life to unfold.

How do you start?

Start by acknowledging that you’d want your brain to work for you, so you do not get angry or panic; use it to overcome any ailment: Even being overweight or earning poorly.

Acknowledge further that though you have no idea how you’d deploy your brain to work for you, if there is a way, then you want explore that.

Acknowledge further that you want to get beyond your fear of the possible consequences, even though you have no idea how to achieve that.

And, acknowledge further if there is a way to get beyond your fear of the possible consequences you want to know about it!

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