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Written by: Emmanuel

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Published: November 26, 2020

The environment related issues of the present time are quite different from what our parents and grandparents experienced. The growth and development in the past few centuries have rammed earth sustainability and created several barriers for future generations.

The efforts by activists and different groups working for the betterment of this world are fructifying. They are making the world population aware of the need for a healthy and sustainable earth. Most of us understand this and believe it is time to stop harming the environment. Explore what is available on this topic by searching the Internet for:

  • What can I do help sustain mother earth?
  • How many earths do we need to sustain our lifestyle?
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  • What is the maximum population earth can sustain?
  • What does a healthy and sustainable earth look like?

All these search terms indicate that we want to make the earth sustainable and are looking for guidance. These articles are an effort to clarify and provide guidance. Let’s explore further to understand what sustainability means in relation to the environment.

What is Sustainability?

According to Wikipedia, Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. This is possible when we fulfill our needs without creating barriers for future generations to meet their needs. This is a concept that brings fruitful results in years, decades, and centuries, not just in a few days or months.

Attributes of A Healthy and Sustainable Earth

The attributes of a healthy and sustainable earth are many. Here the most important ones are outlined:

– Less Air Pollution

The development happens but it is sustainable development, causing less air pollution. Clean air does not affect the health of humans and also does not impact on the environment.

– Sufficient Food For All

The balanced ecosystem of healthy and sustainable earth contains sufficient food for all the species living on this planet.

– Clean Water

The amount of contaminants and sediments is efficiently balanced when our planet is healthy and sustainable. This evades all concerns about sustaining earth water.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth sustain earth | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

Pleasant Weather Conditions

The weather’s behavior remains more or less as expected throughout the year. No unexpected rains, storms, floods, and other weather conditions.

How to Make the Earth Healthy and Sustainable?

Human activities rammed earth walls. It means our activities have disturbed the whole ecosystem and created risks for our and future generations. However, there are steps within our reach to sustain a healthy planet. 

By living an Eco Friendly Lifestyle, we would focus on the following activities for a healthy and sustainable planet:

– Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (3R’s)

By following the 3R principle, we decrease the amount of waste going to landfills and preserve our natural resources.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth recycle | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution


By volunteering we clean our community and protect the Watershed.

Guide and Educate Others

Educate others after learning and understanding about the depletion of natural resources of our planet. And assist others about the value and importance of natural resources.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth teach | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

Drive Less

Reduce the usage of vehicles running on fossil fuels. Walking and biking are beneficial for us and the environment.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth traffic | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

– Conserve Water

The sensible use of water may lead to fewer runoffs ending up in oceans.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth water | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

– Wise Shopper

When we become a wise shopper, we stop using plastic bags and start carrying reusable shopping bags.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth shopping | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

– Plant Trees

By planting trees we get more oxygen and food. Plants also play an important role in balancing earth systems, saving energy, purifying the air, and combating climate change.

introducing healthy sustaining life on earth tree | healthy sustaining life | Peace Evolution

– Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Use energy efficient appliances and reduce our carbon footprints. Replacing our regular lights with their LED versions is a good first step towards using such appliances. To learn more about our footprints, explore this footprint calculator:

How big is your environmental footprint?

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Sustainable earth is a term liked by everyone, though only a few have explored and understand its true meaning. Those who understand how human activities worsen the health of our planet work towards its betterment. Each of us have the ability to provide future generations with a healthy planet without compromise. Explore: 3 Key Benefits: Eco Friendly Living & Eco Friendly Lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the depletion of natural resources:

1. Why Honey Bees are considered important for global sustainability?

The importance of honey bees for sustaining life on earth is because they are a vital pollinating insect of food crops. A large part of our daily food supplies depends upon the pollination by honey bees. This is the major reason honey bees are considered important for natural resources globally.

2. How does biodiversity help sustain life on earth?

Biodiversity or Biological Diversity is the web of life. It includes the different species of microscopic organisms, plants, animals, genetic differences in these species, and various ecosystems on this planet. Every species on this planet depends on other(s) for its survival. The declining variety of animal and plant life disturbs this dependency and affect global sustainability.

3. What is the relation between oceans and sustainability of earth?

Oceans help in creating and maintaining weather all over the world. They also produce many essentials related to our life such as food, water, and oxygen. Activities by the human population are spoiling oceans. They affect the species of plants and animals in oceans which further affects the health of our planet.

4. Would earth sustain population growth?

Around 7.7 billion people live on this planet today. It is estimated that the human population is going to be more than 10 billion by 2100. If we don’t change our behavior towards the global environmental condition, the earth would not sustain the global population.

5. Is sustainability a hoax or does it mean improving the  earth’s health?

Sustainability and everything related to it is not a hoax. There are many groups engaged in future earth research for global sustainability. Some of them are: 

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