Something to Do (To Keep Us Busy) As Opposed to Walking Our Own Path

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

womans eye with caption | walking our own path | Peace EvolutionSomething to Keep Us Busy

How much of our lives consist of doing things, just about anything, merely to keep ourselves busy? Something to overcome being lonely. Something to overcome being bored. Just something to do. Anything . . .

When you’re keeping yourself occupied to overcome loneliness or boredom, are you fully and consciously present in the activity? Or do you come away from these activities feeling drained, or even frustrated or irritable, or even with the feeling that it likely wasn’t worth it (in other words, it had no meaning)? In this situation, you might even have to conjure up some meaning or justification for why you’re doing certain things.

These are sure signs that we’re living second-choice existences—that our Factor-x is the driving force behind such activities. When we’re doing these things, say, to overcome loneliness, are we not using the other people as mentioned before? And if it’s the same for them, then aren’t both parties likely using the other? This behavior, then, certainly isn’t about manifesting ourselves or walking our own path.

Walking Our Own Path

When we’re walking our own path, we do things in a particular way: automatically and intentionally, albeit consciously manifesting ourselves. This isn’t likely about doing things to overcome loneliness or boredom, but instead about functioning like a well-oiled machine that runs in harmony with ourselves as we go about our business.

When living your own path, you’re likely automatically not using or imposing on another person. To the contrary, since you’re merely being yourself, you’re adding to your own creation and automatically, without anyone necessarily being there, building onto yourself. If you’re doing this, then whenever you expose yourself through whatever action you’re undertaking, others experience you not destructively, but with harmony.

Let’s look at an example. When you do things to overcome loneliness, or when you consider doing something so you don’t feel lonely, what is actually happening is that the origin of your loneliness isn’t being sought out. Instead, you’re treating the symptom. When you’ve uncovered the origin of the loneliness, you have the chance to uncover yet another part of yourself, and therefore you’ll be in a better position to live with yourself without the need to prop yourself up to overcome your loneliness. Eventually, when the loneliness is completely addressed, you’re likely to take part in activities for your own reasons as opposed to reasons dictated to by your Factor-x.

Whenever we’re taking part in activities merely to keep us busy, we’re smothering ourselves. If we weren’t taking part in such activities, those activities we do just to keep us busy, we’d likely be spending our lives on activities related to walking our own path.

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