Responsibility: Do We Recognize Our Responsibility?

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 30, 2020

womans eye with caption | recognize our responsibility | Peace Evolution​Are we part of the human race? Do we contribute toward the human race? Are we merely here on Earth and do what we are told, or do we have a say in what goes on around us and what goes on with the human race?

When we see and experience something that doesn’t serve us, and it’s clear to us that it probably serves no one else, do we merely leave it alone because we feel, Well, what can I do about it? Or perhaps do we ask, Who am I to want to do anything about it? Do we recognize that we are part of our society, and that we have an equal say in what goes on around us?

We can expect that few people recognize that we are part of the society that governs our lives, and that we don’t have an equal say in society, almost certainly because we aren’t brought up to recognize these things. It might also be that we’d like to participate, but feel we aren’t capable of adding value to the system. It might also be that we aren’t given a chance to participate, perhaps because such participation is usually reserved for those with funds. Can we be sure our leader represent everyone, or only those that put them in the position? Or, do they represent earning even more funds from the position?

The question is, really, are we being represented? If not, then who has our interest at heart? Who can have our interests at heart if not ourselves? And, if we get into a position where we can represent ourselves, then what about those we don’t represent? Is “Who governs who?” a catch-22? Or should we govern ourselves?

Most likely, no single answer to this question fits all.

Maybe the answer lies elsewhere. Maybe the first thing required is that we recognize that no one really represents us like we would.

If we want to represent ourselves, then why would we want to do it?

Could it be that it is necessary for us to realize that we alone are responsible for our lives? When we live first-choice lives, we are certainly responsible for our lives. But we can also ask, “What about others’ interference in our lives?” Are we an island? We are certainly not. Although we might be tempted to isolate ourselves, it’s almost impossible, even with endless resources. Even if we could isolate ourselves, we aren’t separate from other earthling souls, and not even separate from souls in the spirit world.

However, when we take up being responsible for our lives and therefore stand up for ourselves, we are most likely going to take part in representing ourselves in one way or another. Looking at it from another perspective, when we’re not responsible for ourselves, we’re living second-choice existences.

Once we take up responsibility for our lives and live first-choice existences, only then do we stand a chance to represent ourselves. And it starts with us, not with anyone or anywhere else. Once we live our first-choice existence, we start seeing how much of our lives are in the hands of others who don’t have theirs or ours or any other person’s best interests at heart. Once we live our first-choice existence, we automatically have each and every person’s—in fact, every soul’s—best interests at heart. At this time, this might sound like a contradiction; however, once we get to this point with our lives, as you’ll read about in the section titled “Taking Up That Freedom of Choice,” then we automatically serve ourselves and others. What is vital to understand is that with second-choice existences, no one is served, not even ourselves.

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