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Published: August 3, 2020

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—The White Wolf Call, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

 These are the funniest ways to start a topic: of course Emmanuel’s thoughts.

When we commence any channeling as you call it, best to start with a point of focus. Focusing on something, in this case focusing on an orange, draws the attention of the person channeling, and it is then easier to communicate.

To the question of protection: that is, protection when in meditation to make contact with spirit guides. David refers to spirit guides and protection. [Emmanuel’s note: as seen in the later piece titled,  “Meditation, Grass”] What is meant by protection, and how does it work, and why is it necessary, and how will it work with readers who are unaccustomed and inexperienced and don’t know about protection?

Let me shed some light.

Whenever your people contact our people, protection is required. Bear in mind, in amongst your people there are ones with undesired behavior; amongst our people there are also ones with undesired behavior. In both cases, these are souls that are caught up in darkness and don’t bring forth lightness, but evil and darkness, because they seek power and the like. They have not yet tasted their own inner power and inner peace, because if they had, they would not seek it external to them. Such ones with such undesired behavior might want to interfere. For that eventuality, we set up a system whereby these souls with dark behavior are prevented from interfering with any communication between light souls in your Earth plane and in the spirit world, as people in your world call our world. This is to protect souls as they interact and communicate between our worlds. It also prevents anyone who is not supposed to be part of such an event from “gate-crashing” and causing a disturbance. Gate-crashing, as it is termed in your world, is an apt description of uninvited souls with undesired behavior interfering with these events.

So our people have guides whose sole role is to protect, and we refer to them as gatekeepers, or gatekeeper guides. Whenever we are called to participate in your world, it is best for your people to instill the gatekeeper guide to protect the gathering. In this way, it is safe for us to communicate; the participants can concentrate on matters at hand and also know that specialists are attending to keep it safe for us all.

As an aside, protection is also required so that uninvited parties, those with no direct interest in the gathering, don’t impose on the space created by your people and our people. Again, it is to make it safe for matters at hand to be communicated.

In some instances, it is also required that a gatekeeper guide brings in assistance. Where protecting the gathering at hand is big and unwieldy for one gatekeeper guide, they bring in others to assist. It is their area of expertise. They are a breed unto their own. They work together and are a quiet bunch.

Gatekeepers have other strengths too. As Emmanuel has experienced when he asks for protection from his gatekeeper, John, at that point of asking for protection, if he is not quiet and fully at peace—if he is struggling emotionally with something in his life at that point—John’s other attributes and strengths come to the fore. John notices Emmanuel’s mood, and Emmanuel immediately senses that things are not right with him, that his mind and emotions are caught up elsewhere. Emmanuel also notices when he feels heavy from struggling emotionally. So, a gatekeeper with such other attributes, or strengths, can also facilitate in making it safe for those asking for protection to notice where they themselves are at emotionally. In this way, there is the chance for the emotional playing field to be leveled—for the emotions to be acknowledged—before commencing communication.

So protection is a wide function, performed by souls on our side who have extensive experience in such matters, and they oversee the safety of a gathering.

Now, what happens when a gathering is initiated by meditation where the person on your side of the world is not familiar with protection and so forth? What then? Is there a chance for souls with unwanted dark behavior to interfere with the proceedings? Well, as stated in David’s meditation, senior guides are called upon to assist and arrange for protection.

But what if a senior guide is a soul with dark behavior? Let me spell it out this way. When people, souls, guides and senior guides who are in the dark, participating in such a meditation merely because they have dark intentions with the meditation, no one really knows the outcome, but they would likely not worsen their state because of reading the meditation.

On the other side of the coin: People reading such a meditation are likely not the kind with only dark behavior. They will have already started opening their hearts, and from the instant anyone opens their heart, whether soul in humankind or soul in the spirit world, from that moment on, from that very instant, souls of light are given space. In fact, in that very instant, this opening of the heart is in fact achieved by the light souls managing to wriggle free in the soul’s heart. As a result of that wriggling, the soul is at a space and time in their lives that if they were governed by some dark behaviour or governed by dark behavior only, for the first time, light would seep into their lives. That “opening up” is in fact achieved by a light spirit guide being there and being let in, as you say, into the life of the soul with the dark behavior. Therefore, the light spirit guide has already gotten the gatekeeper guide there with them, so the necessary protection can take place and be in place.

A thought comes to mind: This is like in your movies, when the doctors are performing some operation on a patient. Everyone necessary to be there is already there when the operation begins, from before the operation commenced.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Emmanuel really watches lots of movies. It is his favorite pastime, especially movies that relate to humanness and life. He doesn’t enjoy and cannot watch heartless violence, and unrealistic or horror movies.

Anyway, back to the operation. Everyone needed is there, and is prepared. In the same way, when souls with dark behavior, whether on your Earth plane or in our spirit world, soften their hearts, it is because there is a team of souls already there “operating” on the souls to make it happen. Everyone needed is already there, and is immediately part of it and enables it to happen. So in a sense, protection is already in place.

However, one very important aspect is that everything works with freedom of choice. Or, a more apt way of saying it, everything works by souls being free to choose.

Now, when a soul with dark behavior is softening their heart, and a team of spirit guides is there, nudging the softening process and standing by to be let in, so to speak, none of it is done without the soul, any soul, choosing the softening process, no matter what. The law of the universe, when it comes to light souls and souls with dark behavior, is that once any soul moves across the line into the light, from that moment on, once a soul lives naturally, souls don’t interfere with force. Rather, it is all about making what is on offer available, and then waiting for the other soul to accept what is being made available.

An example comes to mind. When Emmanuel walks into a supermarket, no one there forces anything on him. The store makes things available, and then if he sees what he needs, and likes it and can afford it, he then buys it. In the same way, light souls make things available, and those that are exposed to what is being made available and like it can choose to go with what is being made available. When still in the dark, souls tend to force things on themselves and other souls.

There are many examples of souls that are in the dark who force themselves on themselves and others. Such souls stay in the dark while they are driven by their Factor-x. Souls in your Earth plane and here in our spirit world stay in the dark while still driven by their Factor-x.

Coming back to souls with dark behavior who open their hearts, in this very same way, light souls make available their wares, and then, when a soul with dark behavior takes up what is on offer, the whole “protection team” is there to participate in the breakthrough.

Coming back to the meditation, where souls unfamiliar with this process take part in the meditation and through the meditation communicate with spirit guides. As can be seen from the aforementioned elaboration of souls in the dark and the souls in the light making their wares available to be accepted or not, and the “operating team” standing by whenever any soul or even group of souls takes part in the meditation as described by David, when a soul gets to the point of opening up their hearts to observe what is there, everything required to let the event happen safely is already in place. Everything to do with the event is already safe—every soul required is already there and functioning in their areas of specialty, and the space is already safe. Therefore, protection is in place, arranged by the senior spirit guide present. Those participating are in safe hands, and the space is in protected mode, so to speak. So the proceedings are a safe haven, as you say.

There is a point that I mentioned that needs elaboration.

Mention is made of souls in the spirit world with dark behavior. And it is implied through this piece that they, too, have light souls in the background guiding their existence. Yes, this is the case. Light souls and souls in the dark are in abundance. All souls, whether in the dark or the light, have souls guiding them, and light souls are right there with souls in the dark. This is not very difficult to grasp when looked at from the following vantage point: Each and every one of us, that is, souls of humankind and souls of the spirit world, are in essence light souls. But we have created such a system that souls stay in the dark forever, and only very few souls have seen the light. Nonetheless, inside every soul there is the essence of a soul of light.

Now you may ask, but how does that work when a soul is in the dark, but in essence, it is a soul of light? While they are in the dark, they surely sow destruction. So why will souls in the dark have a soul in the light standing by with a team of specialists to protect and guide them?

Simple! Let’s look at it this way. Each soul, in essence, is a light soul. Each soul that is in the dark at the time of taking part in the meditation constitutes a pair of souls—an Earth soul and a spiritworld soul. For each humankind soul (in light or in the dark), there is also a spirit-world soul (in light or in the dark). However, the light souls in the essence of both the souls, whether in light or in the dark, are present continuously. Each soul is, in essence, a light soul.

Hold onto that.

Each dark soul is thus a light soul, but in the dark.

Hold onto that too.

Now, here is the important thing: Each soul in the dark is in the dark because of their Factor-x. Therefore, the moment anyone opens their heart, that soul is letting in the light soul.

Hold onto that as well.

And where is the origin of the light souls? Right there. The light soul is the essence of the soul in the dark, now softening their heart and allowing in the light.

Hold onto that.

Now, where is the light coming from? Right there. It has been there all along, as the essence of the soul in the dark now coming into the light, let in by the soul in the dark softening their heart.

Hold onto that.

And thus, the light enters the heart of the soul with the dark behavior, displacing some of the darkness.

What if the Earth soul with the dark behavior opens their heart? Then their essence, their light soul, comes through, even if only slightly, and the specialist team is on standby.

This aspect requires elaboration. What if the spirit guide of the Earth soul in the dark is not at the same time opening their heart and letting light come into their heart?

Well now, exactly what now? Is this a tricky situation or what? Indeed tricky.

So now, we see that each soul has a spirit-guide soul, which has a spirit-guide soul, which has a spirit-guide soul, which has a spiritguide soul. And this goes on infinitely.

The same question can be asked: What if any one of those souls in that chain of souls with their spirit guides, anywhere along the chain, doesn’t, in the same moment, soften their heart to let in the light soul in their essence? Can anyone address this eventuality? Gee, this seems impossible to address. And what if this can’t be addressed?

Well, let’s see if it is possible to address this eventuality without leaving any unanswered questions. Here goes.

All these points I asked that you hold onto previously—therein lies the solution to what might look like a riddle.

Each soul is, in essence, light. A light soul stays in the dark while it is driven by its Factor-x. Each soul thus has two proponents: the light one that is its essence, and the dark one that has come about as a result of Factor-x. Thus, each soul has another soul right behind it, guiding it. And that soul is again in the exact same situation.

Or is it in the exact same situation?

Are you ready for it? The answer is, in fact, quite simple. Each spirit-guide soul is, in fact, the soul in essence guiding the manifestation of each individual soul. When a soul is in the dark, it is struggling with itself, dark and light struggling with itself. The Factor-x–laden soul is split. Once the split is removed, thus once Factor-x is removed or moved to the back, the spirit guide that has guided the earthling soul is in fact the soul of that manifestation. So what seems like a hierarchy of souls is, in fact, one and the same soul for each soul.

Therefore, Emmanuel’s soul referred to as White Wolf is in fact none other than the soul manifesting Emmanuel. And what Emmanuel feels is his soul is merely the soul he experiences as a result of his Factor-x exerting its control on him. The other spirit guides that he experiences, namely David and John and Joan, are in fact aspects of himself that he is experiencing.

There is the part of him that protects him: John.

There is the part of him that brings the lightness of his spirit to the fore: David.

There is the part of him that expedites his daily life: Joan.

There is the part of him that brings the whole lot together: White Wolf, which is me.

So in the moment when any one of us softens our heart, in that moment, we let aspects of our own light soul come into being. Put another way, we allow part of us to come to the fore, to manifest.

So now, what about the mystery? Is Emmanuel made up of several souls? Am I, the spirit guide referred to as White Wolf, different from Emmanuel’s soul? No, this is all one soul.

We can state it this way by example. Emmanuel is healing himself of the split in himself that was created by him taking on his Factor-x. Then, as the reverse of this takes place over time by him questioning his meaning, he lets in the light parts of his soul each time he breaks down a barrier that was placed there by his Factor-x. As he was doing this, there were other aspects of his soul that he started recognizing, and as earthling souls do, he put names to things. And so each aspect of his soul was grouped and given a name, and over time, he has let those aspects into his life. Do we exist separately of him? In a way we do. We are so far in the background, we sometimes feel as if we are different souls. But no, we are not.

As Emmanuel lets all aspects of himself in—by removing the barriers he placed in his life as created by his Factor-x—he is letting in more and more aspects of his soul, and thus manifesting himself more and more.

Now, what does this have to do with the other pieces written by him and that he is channeling from us? We’ll just have to wait and see what materializes from this piece and its revelation.

Back to the protection issue, where this piece started, and what is described here and how the puzzle fits together. The last question asked—how each individual is being exposed, and how we let in the light, and then what if the guides’ souls don’t also soften their heart at the same time as the earthling softens their heart—seems to be answered and addressed. It is clear that there is only one soul, and when a part of it softens, it is in essence allowing in a further part of the very same soul, not a different soul.

Therein lies the absolute safety and protection of all participating souls. There is no more to say on this topic. For now, all is said.

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