Nature and Nurture

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: August 3, 2020

womans eye with caption | nature and nurture | Peace Evolution​I’ve mentioned the terms “nature” and “nurture.” Let’s take a deeper look at this dynamic, starting from expectations.

As I discussed in an earlier section, expectations are directly related to desiring a particular outcome. When the outcome isn’t achieved, you or I feel the pain of disappointment and emotional turmoil.

So are all expectations related to Factor-x? Perhaps. But what about when a murder takes place or where someone is abused? We say those behaviors are in our nature. But is it? Or is that behaviour nurtured? Don’t we acquire that behavior through learning and being dictated to by our Factor-x? Our Factor-x is itself based on a figment of our imagination—because of the pressure we encounter when still very young, we take on as fact that something is wrong with us, even though nothing is wrong with us.

So deeds like murder and abuse are likely seated in Factor-x. And coming back to expectations and our Factor-x, when a particular outcome isn’t achieved, some of us are driven over the top and perform inhumane deeds.

Such behavior isn’t in our nature. We acquired it. Whether as spirit beings or as physical souls, we’re only good-natured when we wouldn’t wish a bad thing on ourselves or others, or for that matter, to anything. But with Factor-x, we almost don’t stand a chance; all it cares about is disproving that something is wrong with us, or that our Factor-x even exists. So although we’re capable of doing bad-natured things to ourselves, to others, or to things, that doesn’t necessarily mean such behavior is in our nature. More likely it was nurtured, and thus acquired, and almost certainly driven by our Factor-x.

Murder and abuse, of course, are extreme examples of things we deduce to be nature, but are highly likely nurtured behavior: examples of things we learn and acquire so we can appease our Factor-x, which has only one agenda, and that’s to disprove that something is wrong with us. In fact, it seems to do so at all costs, as seen from all the deeds we perform to disprove that something is wrong with us—each and every one of them destructive, even to ourselves.

In essence, we’re all good-natured souls. Even so, we acquire destructive behavior in very many forms. All of these, with our Factor-x contributing, are carefully and deviously nurtured and crafted—so cunningly that we’re almost certainly of the opinion that it’s in our nature to be destructive. But is it in our nature to be destructive, thus inhumane?

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