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Published: August 3, 2020


—The White Wolf Call, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

womans eye with caption | kite | Peace EvolutionAs a young boy, Emmanuel flew his kite in a park. He had much confidence with the process of flying his kite. A lot of that confidence is coming back into his life now. At the time of flying his kite, his confidence as a child was natural and taken for granted.

As we grow up, our confidence might change. We grow our confidence or we lose our confidence. Once lost, it is a painful process of getting our confidence back again.

Anyway, Emmanuel lost his confidence, and then, once he saw the cause of losing his confidence, he was able to slowly, painstakingly slowly, rebuild his confidence, this time not taking his confidence for granted.

How does Emmanuel’s kite flying and confidence relate to all souls not born into the physical plane?

It does not.

Here is how it began.

I, White Wolf, was born as a soul. As a soul, I have the choice to be part of the physical dimension, and I can also decide not to become part of the physical dimension. I chose not to become a part of the physical dimension. I felt I did not need that phase. I felt that phase was limiting to what I wanted to achieve. From a young age I, as a soul, recognized that my capabilities were as a thinker. I could think logically, and through that talent of mine, I was able to look at things differently. As a result, I just never took up my role to take up the life of a physical being.

When Emmanuel and I debated and pondered and made plans to “work” on Earth, it was both his and my choice to take up life in the physical form and live on Earth. And as mentioned previously, it was he who finally took up the choice and came to Earth. So I stayed behind, knowing my inclination as a thinker was best suited to stay behind and work abstractly at the problem of what we saw happening on the Earth plane and in the spirit world. It actually suited me down to the ground, as you say on Earth. Emmanuel, being a researcher and liking hands-on exposure, suited the task of manifesting physically. So in a way, we both got what we preferred, and of course that is the best recipe for success and enjoyment. When we, anyone, everyone, do the things we like doing, it seems more or less effortless, and that is exactly how it happened.

So I, White Wolf, have never ever lived on Earth. I never walked the Earth plane. I have always been a soul only.

Now to the question of why do I, then, expose myself to Emmanuel as an Indian chief and why the name White Wolf.

Here is what I decided. During the time when we were debating and looking at what we had at our disposal and what it was we intended to do, the thought occurred to me that for Emmanuel to recognize me, it was important that I choose something that existed on the Earth plane that was already familiar to him. It would just be that much easier that I take on a form of familiarity as opposed to appearing in soul form, which is not really something visible to Earth souls. So I scratched my head, so to speak, and observed Emmanuel on the Earth plane, and noticed that he was intrigued by the behaviour of Red Indians. Not the kind of behavior that gets portrayed in your movies, where Red Indians are supposedly savages, but the part about where they live by certain ethics and that they have the wise chief who guides them and sits in council with other elders in the tribe as the central figure in the tribe: the wise one, the one who guides the tribe. I also noticed that Emmanuel was drawn to their way of life, where they migrated and lived off the land and did not overextend the land: They migrated before that happened. Then there are the wild ones in the tribe, and it fascinated Emmanuel how they were guided by the wise ones.

Based on this, I chose to present myself as an Indian chief, a wise man who could provide guidance to Emmanuel.

As it now stands, the image of the Indian chief is not really required anymore. My point is made, my connection is made, and we are an established partnership. The guise doesn’t matter anymore. It served its purpose. However, I do see Emmanuel still pondering on the chief, and speculating about what such a chief ’s life is like and what they do outside the role of being chief and providing guidance. So perhaps it still serves a purpose for Emmanuel.

The beginning of this piece sets out with Emmanuel flying his kite. It has absolutely no bearing on this piece other than that I noticed Emmanuel wasn’t quiet enough when we started channeling, and that was my way of getting his mind quiet and focused. It worked. It thus served that purpose. It was a means to quiet Emmanuel to the point where I got his attention, and then I was able to convey more easily because his mind was on the point being communicated.

As we are channeling, I notice him pondering on whether this piece should include the kite information and whether it serves a broader purpose. Being a visible example of how spirit guides guide their physical souls, I suggested it stayed in this piece, as a reminder to him and also as an example to readers of the interaction of spirit guides and their physical counterparts.

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