Inner Conflict

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 31, 2020

womans eye with caption | inner conflict | Peace EvolutionAlmost every day, we experience inner conflict. When things go all right, our conflict is less. When things don’t work out, our conflict is greater.

Origins Of Our Inner Conflict

This conflict is inevitable between our spiritual being and our soul wanting us to do things in a certain way (or not do them), and our quest to disprove our Factor-x. Therein lies the origins of our inner conflict between us wanting to disprove our Factor-x and the wishes of our spiritual being: our soul. Keep in mind that these are components of one and the same person; we aren’t separate from our spiritual being or our souls, and we aren’t separate from our Factor-x. They are all one. So in essence, we are in conflict with ourselves.

At the heart of it, we have the inner conflict because we aren’t free beings. We created our Factor-x from a perception, so it isn’t real. Yet due to this figment of our imagination, we aren’t free beings, but controlled by our belief that our Factor-x is indeed a true reflection of us.

Herein lies a further irony. Due to our wanting to believe that our Factor-x is indeed true, we ascribe many things, situations and circumstances to it. In this way, we continuously feed, grow, and perpetuate our Factor-x. In Why Inner Conflict Is Your Most Important Issue – Plus Three Steps to Resolution, the author asserts, Inner conflict is the result of two opposing motivations inside one person.

But imagine this, if you dare. Imagine that you didn’t have this dynamic taking place inside you. Imagine how different your life might be if you weren’t dealing with this dynamic daily, almost moment for moment. Imagine if you hadn’t made such a life-altering decision as a very young child. Imagine how it might have been had you lived your entire life as a free spirit.

It’s fairly impossible for any of us to imagine how our lives might have been. But perhaps with the attempt, just maybe you and I can see that our lives might have been different, even drastically different, had we not been in this dilemma with our spiritual being and Factor-x.

It’s very likely that our lives would be on very different paths today. It might be that every one of us walking this planet might have been on very different paths today, had we not created our Factor-x.

……It’s highly likely that the people here on Earth might not have been carrying so much anger and destruction around inside of us.
……It’s also highly likely there would be no social outcasts.
……It’s highly likely that we wouldn’t have abuse of one another, or abuse in families, or war between countries or communities.
……It’s highly likely that we wouldn’t have affected other species the way we do today. We wouldn’t damage nature. We wouldn’t destroy our natural environment.
……We wouldn’t turn everything into moneymaking opportunities.
……It’s highly likely that if this inner conflict didn’t exist within us, Planet Earth would have been a different place for everyone and everything.

Keep in mind that the origin of all this destruction, all this conflict, is our lack of inner peace. That lack comes from our Factor-x being in conflict with our spiritual being, our soul. And in turn, we’re all on a quest to disprove our Factor-x. Keep in mind that our Factor-x is based on a perception—a perception based on a figment of our imagination.

So all the destruction around us, and of which we are all a part, is caused by a figment of our imagination.

The origin of destruction and abuse—any form of destruction and abuse—is a person or persons in the process of their quest to disprove the existence of their Factor-x.

Inner Conflict Indicates Something Is Out Of Place

That inner conflict we live with daily is the first encounter we have in our lives that something is out of place. What’s out of place is our belief that our Factor-x is indeed fact.

Luckily for us, it isn’t fact, but merely a figment of our imagination.

Unfortunately for us, this is easier said than to overcome. To take back our lives from being dictated to by our Factor-x isn’t for the fainthearted. It takes great amounts of courage and brutal honesty. Fortunately, no one can force it on us and no one can take it away from us; it’s truly fortunate that each of us is the only one that created this figment of the imagination. And since we created it, we can abolish it—fortunately, each person can create or reverse their Factor-x on their own.

This being the origin of our inner conflict, keep in mind that we might be following a path that’s mostly or even entirely about our Factor-x, and that we might have been on that path for several weeks, months, years or even decades. So it might not be of any use to want to only unravel the moment of conflict. That moment might be related to a moment in the past, which might have resulted in a life-changing decision on a path based on our quest to disprove the existence of our Factor-x.

So, wanting to fix it “in the moment” might not be what’s required, but instead attending to the origin. When addressing symptoms, the symptom merely returns, sometimes in different forms, but it’ll most likely return.

The only way to address the cause is to go to the origin and have the brutal honesty to see things for what they are, see why things are the way they are, and then address the cause. It doesn’t help to look shallowly at the inner conflict; it requires going all the way back to the origin and addressing it in relation to why it started in the first place.

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