Here We Go Again (Spirit Guide: David)

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 29, 2020

Here We Go Again (Spirit Guide: David)

—How David Works, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

womans eye with caption | here we go | Peace EvolutionHello everyone. Emmanuel asked me to provide a piece for the foreword as an opener to readers—preparing them to take in as much of the material that follows as to make an impact.

I’m the guide, that is, spiritual guide, with Emmanuel, and my task is to guide him to do things, an expediter in a sense. My methods are simple. My head is clear on what I do when guiding him. His head, like that of most earthlings’, is not clear. Earthlings’ heads are always busy with several thoughts and tasks. Instead, it is much simpler to do things when your heads are quieter.

When your heads are quiet your being is quiet; your concentration is deeper. You are operating from a deeper perspective within yourself. When you are busy and your mind is rushing, you are not giving the same depth of attention as when you are quiet within yourself.

Then there is the aspect of fun. If a task is approached from being a busybody and your mind is racing, you have very little opportunity to have fun with what you are doing. To me, it seems you are then rushing around like a scarecrow and merely chasing away birds. This is like—just touching ground here and there. Where is the fun in that? Why not, instead, soar like a bird, quietly and intentionally soaring in the sky and gliding around without flapping your wings all the time, only flapping them now and then and then keeping them still and navigating in the wind, and in that way taking in the experience of the tasks quietly and intentionally?

Keeping still while in flight, and when necessary, adding some energy by flapping your wings, allows you to thus take the flight in your stride. Work, relax and let the relaxing also do some of the work. When a bird stops flapping its wings, it doesn’t stop in midair or fall to the ground. It flies farther with the momentum of the previously exerted energy. And while it is quietly soaring, it can observe the surrounding area of the flight path and take in some of the pleasantries of the flight path. Move along and rest while not flapping but stay in motion, navigating and swerving in the air and turning slowly or quickly as required to maintain the flight.

Now, when you are reading the material supplied here by Emmanuel and us, the spirit guides guiding his life, remember to stop putting in energy and simply soar with the messages in the material. Open yourself up for the material. But when you get tired from the bombardment of the material, give yourself a break and stay quiet with the material and the messages. Read when you are in a quiet space, read when you have time. After reading, glide with what you have read. Give the material time to settle in; don’t rush. Stay in a quiet space for the pieces that you’ll be reading in a particular reading session, and stay with them for a while after reading them. You might even want to take some notes after the quiet time to reflect on later. You might even want to contact Emmanuel afterward for support with messages when you cannot see what they mean or how they fit into the main scheme of things or into your life.

Be open to the material, which was carefully selected to provide an insight into your life. The material comes from Emmanuel’s personal life. Nothing is secondhand information. Rather, it is from his experiences, painstakingly uncovered in his daily life over many years, and with having spilt many tears as he made the discoveries about himself. What Emmanuel is sharing in the messages and in the material came with a lot of heartache and difficulty.

He recently asked himself about the many hours he has gone through and the obstacles he has overcome to get to the bottom of it all, and he concluded that it was a labor of love for himself that he has painstakingly uncovered his life to himself . . . that is, because of his love for his life, he left no stone unturned to get to the bottom of it all, to uncover his life and the meaning of his life. And it has taken courage and honesty beyond normal day-to-day honesty and courage. We, his spirit guides, watch over him and see what he is doing daily, and are aware that it is not easy for earthlings to be so open and honest, and have so much courage to dig so deep into their lives. We feel for him, but we also see how his life has taken on meaning during this uncovering process.

This is also available to you, each person reading this material. But what you require first is a willingness to look—and the courage to be honest with yourself.

Oh, and it does not end there. It takes even more courage to make the life-altering decision to take the next step. And each step leads to another step. The steps never really end; they just keep on coming and coming, and when you think, Surely this is the end of it all, another aspect is opened up. You see, you cannot hide from yourself. You cannot stop halfway. Well, you can, but then, it might be better if you don’t start your journey. Only start your journey if you are going to have what it takes to go all the way. And it will take everything you have to go all the way.

And while on this journey, remember the bird when it flies. Take energy to move forward some distance, then soar in the sky with that energy and navigate the wind with your wings while resting. Do not stop your flight when resting. Continue your flight, but conserve your energy. Flap your wings when needed, soar when needed, rest during the soaring.

And when you have had enough for one flight, stop. Rest up fully. Then fly further along on your journey, and continue with this process until it is an automatic process.

Do not tire yourself by wanting to take it all in in one go. Take it slowly and set aside good chunks of time so you can fly, soar and take in the surrounding scenery of your flight path. Observe yourself in flight. See what you experience. Feel the pain that you are experiencing. Take time to make notes about your experiences, because you might want to discuss them with Emmanuel at some later stage.

In the event that you do not take in the material so you can assess your life during the first read, reread it and set aside more time with each reread. Withdraw from the usual activities in which you take part. Give yourself every opportunity to get to the heart of the material. Let it count for you.

Enjoy your flight, your own heartache, your realizations, and your rest. Make a feast of the flight. Take it slowly. Don’t rush the material. It is deep material. It is difficult material. Every bit of your life up to the point of reading the material was flight at a frantic pace in another direction all together. Be patient with yourself.

Enjoy your flight.

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