Flying Away (Spirit Guide: Joan)

Written by: Emmanuel

By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 29, 2020

Flying Away (Spirit Guide: Joan)

—What Joan Sees, Channeled by Emmanuel van der Meulen

womans eye with caption | flying away | Peace EvolutionZipping away into the unknown is not what we like doing. We prefer to go to places where we have been before—places which are familiar to us.

But a whole world lies waiting for us if we are willing to zip away into the unknown. What we’ll find in the unknown is up to us. Each person will find something that interests them. And I’m referring to a specific unknown.

I’d like to introduce you to what is possibly known to some people, but likely unknown to most people. So it’s like a paradox; it is unknown to you, but the area itself is not an unknown area.

People who explore here are explorers. I suspect we all like exploring. Think of opening a present, the excitement brought to us by the unknown.

If you are willing, please come and explore with us. To explore is fun and exhilarating. And we can go to a place where we can explore all our lives: where we can be on an exploration journey our whole life. Would that not be fun?

But there’s a catch. No one can start this exploration without being willing and, as Emmanuel says, without possessing courage and brutal honesty. If you want to explore in this area and you are not willing to forgo certain things that are currently in your frame of reference, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take this exploration journey with us. You see, certain things that might exist in your frame of reference today are inhibitors to you exploring your life to the fullest.

If we take an explorer on an ancient boat, faring the seas wherever the seas and the tides take them . . . say they had some superstition or belief that the world was flat. They wouldn’t want to just go in a certain direction for too long, because they would anticipate the end of the sea and would expect to fall over the edge at any time. In short, they lack a firm or definite point of reference. They would be inhibited, and their inhibition would stand in the way of their exploration.

So explorers are usually people who go where others don’t go, and therefore they get to places where others haven’t been.

With our lives, the same things apply. To explore completely, we need to be able to move aside any superstition or points in our frame of reference that hold us back. If you aren’t willing to move these aside, it’s best you stop exploring.

I hear you thinking, Which points of reference would I need to be able to move aside?

The short answer is: every single one. None of the points of reference will serve you, especially the ones that stop you from moving along with us.

I hear you thinking, Well, how safe is this journey? Or perhaps you’re thinking, If you do move aside your frame of reference, might you not endanger yourself?

Okay, I cannot make any assurances to you other than this: Those before you who had the courage to take this exploration journey, and who were able to move aside their frame of reference, found their lives enriched beyond their wildest dreams or expectations. But anywhere along the journey, when the going gets too tough—where your frame of reference is severely questioned, or, as you earthlings put it, is challenged—if you don’t have the courage to move along, you’ll find yourself wanting to stop. And stop you may. No harm will come to you if you stop. All that might remain is that you are left with anger or a yearning.

The yearning is fairly self-explanatory; you might yearn to continue, but the courage for it might be lacking. Any anger residue you might experience is likely to be from your frame of reference being questioned or challenged, and you might not have the courage to move that point in your frame of reference aside; because then, your life might have a void that’s maybe too big, and you might not want to take such a step. In that case, the anger might be from a conflict between your being expected to move the point aside and your unwillingness to do so.

It seems that you want specific examples of points in your frame of reference that might stop you from moving on. Well, religion is one. Due to your religious beliefs that you’d start questioning while on the exploration journey, you might get to a point where you feel that those beliefs are perhaps not really serving you. And seeing that you were forewarned about any points in your frame of reference that might get in your way and would need to be moved out of the way to move forward, when you consider that you’d have to move your religious beliefs out of the way, you’re likely not able to . . . because when you move out of the way what you’ve believed in for so many years, which was an anchor for you, there will be a void. And with what will you fill that void?

Well, the short answer to you is, if you cannot overcome that crossroads, you won’t be in a position to fully explore this journey.

Some people do pursue this exploration journey while holding onto their frame of reference, and in particular this point about religion. Because they most probably cannot see that they could, in fact, fill the void left behind when moving that reference point out of the way. So they walk a path with one foot in exploration territory and the other safely in their frame-of-reference territory, and want to explain their experiences from their religion’s frame of reference. But, this is not taking the exploration to the fullest; this is taking the exploration only to the point where it doesn’t threaten their frame of reference. To me, it seems like when a baby starts walking. While the baby holds onto things, it’s not walking freely—its walking exploration is limited to where it can hold on to external objects.

For this exploration journey, best you let go of everything to truly explore. Holding onto anything would merely result in a second-choice existence, as Emmanuel describes in the chapter, “First-Choice Existence Serves Everyone.”

For those of you who have the courage to move aside your frame of reference, enjoy this journey. And be aware that from time to time, certain points in your frame of reference will be questioned or challenged. You have been forewarned, and at any of these questions, you might want to opt out. Or you might even want to continue, but the moment might be too big, and you then might want to stop for whatever time it takes to integrate the newly uncovered information into your frame of reference. The time needed might possibly be a day, a week, a month, or whatever time it takes, and only then will you move farther along the journey. Some of you might not be questioned or challenged so severely, and might still find yourself in a position of wanting to stop or needing to integrate newly uncovered information. To each and every one of you, enjoy your journey.

Bon voyage.

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