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By liking what we do and living our meaning, we're in harmony with everyone and everything. Emmanuel van der Meulen. CEO, Peace Evolution.

Published: July 28, 2020

womans eye with caption | conception about us | Peace EvolutionAs founder, I wrote this book, and developed Peace Evolution (formerly Life Can Be Different), its accompanying website, to reach anyone in search of their meaning while joining together independent, individual souls, here on Earth and in the spirit world. In CONCEPTION About Us, I’m sharing at a high level.

The intent is to make all readers aware that our species can be turned from where we are headed to a path where we can live with inner peace and in harmony with ourselves, others and anything on this and any other planet. In Taking Up That Freedom of Choice, you see that: It is critical for us to uncover ourselves. In that lies our peace of mind, our inner peace, and the ability to truly be ourselves.

Note. See the video below for another take on inner peace. The interviewee, Julie Booksh, says this about herself: I am dedicated to living my truth and following my own personal path (despite the challenges that come with that) and helping others do the same.

Even more, my book and the Peace Evolution website gives readers and viewers the opportunity to contribute their individuality to others, both live souls and those in the spirit world. The combined efforts of the group: bidirectional sharing, “training,” and exposure of and to one another, are intended to develop the maturity of our collective human spirit, incorporating the earth plane and spirit world.

CONCEPTION About Us Intent

At first, certain material will be available to viewers of the website, channeled from the spirit guides you will meet in this book and written by me. This will be expanded over time as like-minded souls, both living and in the spirit world, are identified and invited to share further material, directly or channeled, about their experiences and individual specialty.

Almost certainly, very few souls will participate in this togetherness, simply because it seems that few souls, alive or in the spirit world, address causes; most attend only to symptoms. So we will leave addressing symptoms to the masses while our handful of souls reaches out and exposes to all other souls the following vital message: that addressing symptoms cannot yield a permanent change, and as such, those symptoms will reoccur later in the same or similar forms.

This group of independent souls can be seen as architects creating a blueprint for the implementation of inner peace within each individual, which would, over time, create peace amongst humankind, even if it takes a million years. CONCEPTION About Us finale: The result: a once-and-for-all, no-compromise peace plan, starting and ending with each individual, one at a time, for however long it takes.

CONCEPTION About Us Conclusion

The peace plan is based on easy to say words, though elusive to grasp. It is not based on an intellectual understanding, rather on an internally uncovered reality. It goes without saying that until such time as anyone slows their mind down completely, and know what to look for, only then would they be in a position to take the steps and to uncover their meaning, their values, and their life.

It stands to reason, that only then, and with intention, would we be in a position to live our meaning and values. See point 4 here, Making A Difference With What We Offer. namely, creating Healthy Relationships. Your first and most important relationship is with yourself. Once this is healthy, your other relationships start healing. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your life.

With these words I unambiguously exemplify what is required: Natural Selection And Survival Of The Fittest requires disrupting so it becomes inclusive of everyone and everything, altered from its current stance of being at the cost of everyone and everything.


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